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“They say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. They say those final seconds play out in a dream-like state and seem to last a lifetime. But what if you have never lived a life? What if all you have done is watch from afar? Does the mind compensate by creating its own events and stories for you? To make you feel like you have lived? Does it imagine a fantasy life full of action, when, in truth, there is only boredom and monotony?”

~ William Watts (Matt Cherniss & Peter Johnson, Powerless)

“Look, honestly, there’s no point wastin’ yer life trynna change stuff yeh’ve no chance’ve changin’. That just leads to idealism. An’ idealism’s shite.”

~Cassidy (Garth Ennis, Preacher vol. 6: War in the Sun)

“The best yeh can do in this cold oul’ world is grab what’s yours an’ hold onto it tight. Anything else is bollicks.”

~Cassidy (Garth Ennis, Preacher vol. 6: War in the Sun)

“Look, there’s nothin’ you can do about the past, all right? Believe me, I know. The future’s what counts here, right? An’ no matter how bad anyone’s been, there’s always the hope they can change, yeah?”

~ Cassidy (Garth Ennis, Preacher vol. 6: War in the Sun)

“Nothing matters more than the stories we tell ourselves to explain the world.”

~Lizzie Hexam (Mike Carey, Unwritten #1)

“Just a story? . . . Stories are the only thing worth dying for!”

~Count Ambrosio (Mike Carey, Unwritten #1)

“Nothing teaches us more about who we are than seeing ourselves in the people we least expect.”

~Dean Bowman (Greek [2009.06.01])

“It’s a funny thing about coming home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You realize what’s changed is you.”

~Benjamin Button

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