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Taking a personal moment

If my life was a comic series…

The latest issue would be #97 from September. And the 2012 Annual would be an expansion of stuff from April 2012, visiting the Pittsburgh Comic Con with friends, where I got to meet Stan Lee (if only for a few seconds).

The Life of Walt #97

The Life of Walt Annual 2012

I’ve been doing these comic-cover images since 2006. With few exceptions, each “cover” uses photos from a given month of my life. The current numbering began with August 2004 when I started grad school.


weepnotformeOn September 25, 2008, after just a couple days of trying to get used to the news that our cat Christy had leukemia and wasn’t long for this world, I got that horrible call that she was gone.

And in certain, subtle (and not so subtle) ways, that loss changed my life, changed me.

But I observe this day, recognizing that it’s been four years: somehow–I’m not entirely sure how–four years have gone by without this kitty.

Life goes on, even though I find myself with tears at the back of my eyes as I write this. Life goes on, and I remember her.

13 years we had with her–watching her grow from rambunctious kitten (my favorite memories of her kitten-months were a time she flopped down to play with Kayla (our other, older cat)’s tail–Kayla never liked her tail played with, especially not this interloping kitten) and another time seeing a little black-and-white blur race by flying at a recliner and watching it spin–seeing the kitten hanging from the back.

We got her as my sister’s kitten–my sister picked her, named her (Christy Michelle), but she grew on the whole family…she WAS family.

She’s missed as any member of the family.

Real life. Not some comic book, not some dumb story that turns out to be a dream at the end or some other cliché.


Remembering Kayla


Kayla would have been 21 today.

But sadly, I had to say goodbye to her quite suddenly the second weekend in May 2010.

I don’t think a day goes by that she doesn’t at the very least cross my mind. This cat came into my life one January day in 1992, and was a part of my life for more than 18 years.

I can’t even begin to list all the little memories of her, of all the stuff that made one little cat such an extremely important part of my life.

But when we got her, the previous owners gave us her “papers,” which included the official certified birthdate of October 4, 1990. And especially in her final years, this was a date that held extra importance to me.

I’m not even sure what words I’m looking for or how to put them in the right order to truly convey my thoughts and memory and that exact feeling I wish I could get across right now.

I miss my little cat.

She would have been 21 today.

Happy Birthday, Zig!


Because he came from a shelter and there’s no documentation of his specific date of birth, we’re celebrating his birthday as the day Dad brought Ziggy home from the shelter. The vet(s) guessed that Zig was about 2, so that’s the age we’ve stuck with. Which makes today officially his 3rd birthday!

He’s an amazing kitty, and has been SUCH a bright spot in (speaking only for myself) my life, a huge joy to have around.

Though I hadn’t had any intention of letting another cat into my heart so soon after losing Kayla, and even swearing up and down to myself that he’d simply be “a cat,” Zig’s broken through those barriers. Which can’t really be a surprise, as all it took was one look at a single photo of him from the shelter for me to adore this cat.

More great memories with him in the last year than I could adequately try to capture in a single, brief blog post. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s an extra-lengthy piece:







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