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Reviews Index is back!

Only took me about five months, but I’ve finally fixed the reviews index page.  I was keeping it updated every week with new reviews I’d posted, but around the turn of the year discovered that something with links and line breaks had resulted in the same URL being linked as several different issues/numbers, meaning many of my reviews were not linked at all to the index page.

Now, if you look at the top of this page, you’ll see the Reviews Index next to the Quotes link, and all my reviews written since September 2008 are linked to on that one page.

Later this year when I get a chance, I’ll probably go through the comixtreme archives to see what older reviews of mine are still available and link to those, and I’ll begin taking those that are no longer available on comixtreme that I still have on my computer and post those here as Back-Issue Reviews, so that (ideally) all the reviews I’ve written since October 2004 will be available either here, or over at comixtreme.

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