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The Duck Knight Returns

This is a series that I’m all about getting the single issues, even if I then get suckered into a collected edition.

If you were ever a fan of Darkwing Duck, this series is the next best thing to getting new episodes of the actual tv show, and I highly recommend this in any format!

I can’t think of any better title to go with than The Duck Knight Returns. It’s a great homage to the Batman story The Dark Knight Returns…but speaks on a deeper level to the fact that it’s been so many years since there was a Darkwing Duck comic available, and nearly as long since the show was on the air.

I would love to be able to buy a poster–this image, or the image more directly in parody of the Batman story.

My local comic shop stocked only a single copy of the first issue–the single issues of Boom‘s kids’ line just haven’t been selling well enough for him to justify stocking more than just the one or two shelf copies of the single issues…though the collected volumes have been selling just fine.

The Duck Knight Returns

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