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Favorites of Walt: The Comic Shops #8 – JC’s Comic Stop


My freshman year at BG, I bumped into someone who turned out to be a kindred spirit–a fellow comic reader! We compared notes, and he told me about his home comic shop in Toledo. He had nothing but good to say about it, and I recall thinking it’d be a great shop to visit…especially compared to the original incarnation of Ground Zero Comics, which at the time was the only comic shop I had access to while at school.

Over a year later, I’d forgotten about this "JC’s" shop. I don’t recall what had us out ‘n about, but I was out with a friend, and as we were stopped at a traffic light, I happened to glance over and spotted a sign: "JC’s Comic Stop." Needless to say…we ended up stopping in. I also realized that this was the shop that Darryl had told me about (and I vaguely recall confirming that when I bumped into him late sophomore year).

When I first had a car on campus midway through junior year, other than trips to Meijer for groceries, many Wednesdays a friend and I would make the journey to Toledo, to JC’s to get our weekly comics. Sometimes we’d be racing the clock to get there and back before a class, and other times we’d be going right after class and hoping what we were after was still in stock…but for the rest of my college years, JC’s was a regular fixture.

JC’s was (is?) one of those shops that lets back issues build up on the long-term racks. They have four sections of new comics–one for the current week, and one each for the other 3 most recent weeks of releases. From there, comics would move to the long-term racks, and remain for however long. I once noticed that they had most issues for almost a 40-issue run of Hellblazer (and I eventually utilized that to catch up on about 15 months of the series).

They also have a huge stock of back issues, which played a huge role in me catching up on a year of Superman comics I’d skipped in the late-90s (1996/early 1997’s run). I also acquired quite a few of my "classic" TMNT comics from JC’s.

Their collected edition stock isn’t all that impressive, though they have a decent selection of some of the "core" editions one might seek. I started my Preacher run here, among other things.

This shop was also where I discovered the new TMNT series that debuted in 2001, when I happened across #2 in early 2002. I asked if they still had #1…and lucked out. I got the very last copy they had in, and they were my TMNT source until I moved to Kent in late 2004.

JC’s also was a fairly regular part of the routine I had with several friends when we’d venture to Toledo to hit a gaming store down the road…whether or not my memory’s accurate, I think JC himself referred us to that store when we’d asked him about the MechWarrior minis game (he carried Heroclix but not the other WizKids games).

In early 2004, one of the times I stopped in, turned out they had a guest in for a signing–Dustin Nguyen, the then-current artist on Batman.

To my knowledge…JC’s is still open, and I keep meaning to stop in again…but haven’t had much excuse, as I’ve generally already got the comics I’m interested in for the week and not really looking for anything in back issues, and wouldn’t have the cash I’m willing to spend on collected editions. The last time I was there, though, in October ’09 I was meeting an old friend, so it was a social experience, and I was able to get a couple back issues of Deadpool.

NEXT WEEK: Rupp’s Comics.

3 Responses

  1. […] been out to (a) comic shop(s) for all 10 years so far. The first two years I would have gone to JC’s Comic Stop in Toledo, OH. I really don’t remember any specifics from that one–I may have gone […]

  2. Oh this is a nice article! JC’s recently moved to Central & McCord. It’s a fantastic shop!!

  3. […] of "volume 4" showed up–I lucked across that, and happily enough, the comic shop (JC‘s in Toledo, OH) had a copy of #1 still available as well. I followed vol. 4 into the 2003 animated series, into […]

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