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Booking Through Thursday: Cereal

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If you’re like me, you grew up reading everything under the sun, like the cereal boxes while you ate your breakfast, the newspapers held by strangers on the subway, the tabloid headlines at the grocery store.

What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever read? (You know, something NOT a book, magazine, short story, poem or article.)

Honestly, I’m not really sure how to answer this, off the top of my head. I don’t really think much about what I’m reading, except for this meme, or other occasional random/isolated moments. Like: for as few books as I really read anymore, I read a crapload of comics and graphic novels—which is still reading, just in much smaller chunks than full-length prose novels.

Reading headlines on magazines, tabloids, strangers’ newspapers, or random text on cereal boxes or signs in stores or posted on the door of the apartment building, or whatever….I’ve never really considered those as any particular reading material, nor as something odd TO read.

I suppose email or blogs could factor in here. Facebook statuses and Twitter posts. Subtitles in tv programs or films. But I don’t find it odd TO read any of those.

Maybe warning labels and disclaimers. Heck, even claims that I find to be outright ludicrous given experience.

Like this claim by Sprint regarding their Picturemail service.

I find it EXTREMELY odd that they claim that it’s easier to download stuff using a Flash-y interface, where you cannot simply download an entire album, and that is highly UNfriendly when one has over 5,000 photos they want to download and can’t reliably do it more than 21 photos at a time.

I guess I’m just being extremely wordy to not really say anything at all.

What do YOU think is the oddest thing you’ve read? (Besides any of my writing, that is). Feel free to comment on this post to share!

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