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Favorites of Walt: The Comic Shops #10 – Collector’s Palace


Collector’s Palace is a comic shop in Streetsboro, OH…or at least, it was. It’s been at least a year and a half since I’ve visited the shop, maybe two years now–and they’ve moved since the last time I stopped in. A friend that frequents the shop told me about their move, so I at least know they’re still open.

Where other comic shops I’ve been to may double as bookstores or game stores…this is the only comic store I’m aware of that is a combination comic shop, collectibles, and jewelry store.

The back issue stock I recall is mainly stuff from the 2000s; but the bargain bins often have great issues in them, with many nearly-complete runs. For better or worse, the "trick" to them is the owner might put 4-5 issues of a 6-issue run in the bargain bin, and keep the other issue or 2 (not even the first or last of the run necessarily) in the regular back issue bins.

The new issues stock is pretty good, though they’d often be sold out of one or two issue I’d be most interested in that week, necessitating my turning back to Comic Heaven or another shop to find the issue.

Their collected-edition stock isn’t much to speak of, and while I’d sometimes peruse the selection, it was never such that I’d specifically look for a particular book at this shop.

When gas prices started to skyrocket back in ’05, Collector’s Palace became a main shop for me, as it just was not feasible to make an individual trip to Sports ‘n More or Comic Heaven on Wednesdays. The journey from Kent to Streetsboro wasn’t bad, and I could make the trip between a couple classes in grad school, often finding myself with time to read an issue or two as well before the next class.

I also started my first pull list in several years here, around the time Thing #6 or so was out and there was a fan campaign to save the book, encouraging people to add Thing to their pull lists. I actually started my pull list solely for Thing, to support the book. Unfortunately, that obviously didn’t last (the series ended a couple months later anyway), and I never bothered to add anything else to the pull list.

I did "discover" The Walking Dead here, and I think I would have bought my first couple TPBs here, though I recall buying at least 3 of the first 5 volumes online.

I eventually located another comic shop that was near work, and this one faded to the status of occasional backup shop, and then for the last couple years hasn’t even been part of my comic shop circuit.

NEXT WEEK: Kenmore Komics & Games.

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