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Booking Through Thursday catch-up: Dog Days

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[W]hat animal-related books have you read? Which do you love? Do you have a favorite literary dog? (Snoopy, anyone?)

[I totally forgot it was Thursday last week until Friday…so, doubling up this week!]

deweyOffhand, I haven’t read that many animal-related books. I’m sure I read a number of non-fiction ones back in 1992 or so…I have vague memories of poking through a lot of books about cats shortly after my family adopted Kayla.

I must highly recommend two comic-strip style books: Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Cats are Weird, both by Jeffrey Brown. These are hardcover collections of anecdotal observations of cats that PERFECTLY capture the nature of the beloved pet cat.



weepnotformeThere’s also one of those pocket-sized gift-book style hardcover deals, with illustrations and the lyrics to a poem: Weep Not For Me; the words from which remain EXTREMELY cathartic to me, having lost two cats in the last 3 years.

marleyThen there are my top-3 “animal-memoirs.” Marley & Me; Dewey; and Wesley the Owl.

I “discovered” Dewey: The Small-Town Library-Cat Who Touched the World thanks to a Borders email or some sort of ad. It sounded interesting, but I quickly forgot it. Then, just days after I lost my cat Christy, I rediscovered Dewey. Bought it, and read it cover to cover in under 20 hours, including sleep. The book was highly cathartic, to say the least.

Marley & Me I think I had heard about, or else was recommended to me shortly after I read Dewey, so I located a copy and had that read quickly (and this was well before knowing there was a movie being made. The movie’s good, too!)

wesleyI quite literally stumbled over Wesley the Owl at a Walmart. Bumped into a book rack looking at something else, and happened to notice the title. Wound up picking it up to read the back cover, and made mental note of it. (Which I promptly forgot). Not long after, I came across the audiobook at the local library, so checked it out, and quite enjoyed it. I’d never really thought of birds (or owls) as being the sort of animal one could get close to (exception being Harry Potter‘s Hedwig); so this was eye-opening; and of course fit well with Dewey & Marley as these human/animal memoirs.

Finally–though I haven’t read the book it was based on…the film Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey holds a real soft-spot in my heart. I first saw this film in the theatre with my family, and was instantly enamored. Sassy, the cat bore an uncanny similarity visually to my Kayla at the time. The dvd I bought several months before she died and a catnip mouse sit together on a shelf, a sort of personal memorial to my own beloved kitty.

Getting back to the prompt: Unless Marley counts, no real favorite literary dog for me. No great problem with Snoopy, and no love for Marmaduke…though some amusement at Spike (that dog and his pup who co-starred in some of the Tom & Jerry shorts). Droopy rates with Marmaduke for me. Also not fond of Heathcliff. Not sure if Goofy would count; not fond of Pluto. I don’t care much for Scooby-Doo, though I enjoyed the first live-action film well enough. Garfield’s highly rated in my book, as is Hobbes (and Calvin).

As always…plenty to potentially fill multiple posts. But I’ll wrap this here.


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  1. […] missed last week’s Booking Through Thursday (I caught up this week)…but I enjoyed Dewey, Marley & Me, and Wesley the Owl…which I guess now that I think of it, […]

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