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Falling Action – $3.99 for 20 pages of story?!?

justpastthestapleI read on Bleeding Cool this morning that apparently Action Comics #2 was–at $3.99–only going to have 20 pages of actual story. I posted to Twitter my knee-jerk reaction/thoughts: “Well…ok. Mood I’m in this morning, if Action # 2 really is only 20 pages of actual story content for $3.99, I’ll most likely jump ship.” “extras” are NOT “extras” when you’re paying for them. Back matter is NOT special when it’s INSTEAD OF story pages.”

That was sight unseen.

This afternoon, I bought my new comics as usual for Wednesday. And I read Action Comics #2. And it was a really fast read, albeit actually enjoyable. But it ended SUDDENLY.

You get to the staples, the MIDDLE of the issue (and there are ads scattered throughout, this isn’t like an indy book where you get a full story and then the back section packed with ads) and the NEXT PAGE is the end of the story.

There’s no “backup story” or “co-feature” even with some other character having a short story piece.

There are 8 pages following the actual story, with “behind the scenes” crap–the sort of extras that feel like a waste of my time/money. Sketches, SNIPPETS of comments from creators, FLUFF. And 2 of those pages are sketchy stuff looking “ahead” to stuff by another artist.

And of course the usual 5-7ish paged “preview” for something I’m NOT going to suddenly decide to buy just because the same thing’s in every freaking issue DC put out this week or this month.

Morrison‘s always been hit or miss for me. And though I don’t terribly care for this new take on Superman, I figured I’d go along with the ride. Even if this isn’t a Superman I embrace, I can NOT deny the story’s got a certain hook to it, and I want to read it.

Top that off with the fact that Action Comics is a title that I just the other day decided I would continue with beyond the #1, and it would get the “free pass” that several other titles did NOT in my deciding against simple clinical judgment for this.

But, this is a principle thing. $3.99 for 20 pages of story is absolutely unacceptable to me from DC. When just last week I paid $2.99 for 25 pages of story in Superman (although I didn’t even realize at the time it had those several extra pages).

So…no Action Comics #3 for me. Not from the primary market, anyway.

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