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The Walking Dead #53 [Review]

Quick Rating: Good

Rick, Carl, and Michonne find they’re not alone, and actually get some down-time.

walkingdead053Creator, Writer: Robert Kirkman
Penciler, Inker, Cover: Charlie Adlard
Gray Tones, Cover Colors: Cliff Rathburn
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Publisher: Image Comics

Last issue’s cliffhanger saw our heroes being approached by a couple of figures on horseback…Glenn and Maggie, who apparently have managed to survive. These two take Rick, Carl, and Michonne back to where they’ve been staying–Hershel’s farm. Once there (and into a bit of relative safety) the three try to decompress, each in their own ways, and we get some nice character moments…and then a new development threatens the safety they have, and some answers might just be forthcoming.

Story-wise, there’s not a lot of progression in this issue. Oh, there’s progression, don’t get me wrong. But as with so many issues of this series, it’s very character and story-driven…so I for one would probably be just as happy with no zombies in the issue as I would with an issue full of zombie-butt-kickin’ action. Kirkman maintains such a sense of consistency in his writing…I continue to enjoy the story he is laying down month after month, and after so long with these characters, he certainly knows them (and created them, for that matter); other than the fact that I’m now intrigued at where he’s going to take things from this issues cliffhanger page, I’m quite satisfied.

Visually, Adlard & Rathburn continue to also maintain a consistency on the visual front that keeps me impressed. Even characters I haven’t seen in half a year are recognizeable, and as with the writing….I just don’t have any complaints.

All in all, another strong, consistent issue. While not a lot happens, we’re introduced to several new characters, and reintroduced to some old. Not a horrible point to jump on board to check things out, though one might prefer to start with the beginning of the arc, if not the beginning of the series for the full scope and context.

Certainly worth the cover price!


Story: 4/5
Art: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

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