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2 Responses

  1. Dude you must not have read the issue. Cap and his Avengers explain that when the x-men ditched Utopia there were still kids there and need a place to stay. The JGS is not an option because Logan wants to keep his kids out of the fray too. So since Avengers Academy is close to Utopia, they leave Cyclops’ kids there. I do not believe you read this issue due to the quality of the review, but hey it doesn’t matter.

  2. Thanks for the feedback!

    I stated “But whether I’ve forgotten or just missed the plot element of Wolverine packing up the kids, this seemed to come outta nowhere for me.” This was due to the very beginning of the issue picking up with them arriving at the academy having already dealt with the fact that the X-Men are gone, left their kids, having already determined what they’re going to do WITH these left-behind-kids, gathered them onto a transport AND moved them to a new location.

    Given I’ve yet to read an issue dealing with all of that in itself, this came out of nowhere for me. Yes, as you state, they explain IN this issue RETROACTIVELY what happened before this issue…but we’re TOLD rather than SHOWN.

    Later in the review I come back to that thought, referencing my initial reaction to the opening of the issue (wondering when they may have shown the kids being gathered up to transport) to my getting over it as I read further into the issue and read the [retroactive] exposition at which point I found that I enjoyed the issue.

    What do you feel would improve the quality of the review?

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