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New TMNT figures are out!

donatellocloseupinpackageFor the last few weeks, I’ve been walking a couple extra aisles in Walmart and Target, keeping an eye out for a lot of green. Ninja Turtles green.

My logic’s been that surely the new toy line would be out AHEAD of the new animated series (which I believe premieres end of September). Unfortunately, not a sign of TMNT stuff.

Yesterday I did a Google search to see if there was any easily (read: “quickly”) accessible information about when the new toys would be out, and I found primarily references to Toys R Us.

donatellobackinpackageFast-forward several hours, and I was headed to a local mall to see if the comic shop there had a couple comics I’d decided I was actually interested in buying…and recalled 1. there’s a Toys R Us and 2. what I’d read about TRU having the TMNT figures already.

So…I decided to swing by the TRU first on the chance they’d have the figures, and that they’d be the familiar $5.99 or so that I’ve seen Power Rangers and Batman: Dark Knight Rises figures priced at.

donatellofrontinpackageWell, they had the figures, but they’re priced like the Marvel 3.75″ figures at $9 ($8.9x anyway).

This Toys R Us had one Donatello, one Foot Soldier, several Kraang, several Splinter, and one April O’Neil. Had they had all 4 turtles, I would have bought Leonardo or Raphael. But, with only one turtle available, I bought Donatello (and I sincerely hope April does not become a “chase”-type figure like with the vintage 1980s line).

Not enthused at the pricing…but it’s TMNT. My weakness.

I have mixed feelings on the packaging…but that also ties to my feelings on the new theme song, both of which I’ll hopefully address in another post in the near future. (In short–there’s a certain retro/homage element I like).



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