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My replacement TMNT Ultimate Collection vol. 3 has arrived

tmntultcollectionvol3A few weeks ago, I ordered the TMNT Ultimate Collection vol. 3. While it arrived quickly, I was highly disappointed to find that the spine was crushed at the top and bottom–nothing huge, but it looked weird with that damage when compared to the first two volumes side-by-side.

Thankfully, Amazon allows returns/exchanges, and will even provide a mailing label for you to ship damaged goods back to them.

My replacement copy of the book arrived tonight, and I’m quite satisfied with this copy…and really looking forward to the next two volumes in this series, as they’ll be collecting the entire City at War story.

These volumes have been very impressive. When I found out about them last year, I figured they’d be the same size as Marvel‘s oversized hardcovers, but these are bigger. They definitely dwarf regular-sized comics:


The oversized format makes the art significantly larger, and the double-page spreads make me much gladder that I missed out on the Mirage-published paperback a few years ago…the spine would have been destroyed trying to take in the full scope of the pages. Plus, this series is already past the issues in that volume and sounds like it’ll be 5 books total, reprinting the original Eastman/Laird material, what I consider the “core” TMNT continuity.


The volumes look great together…these are certainly a highlight of my collection.


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