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100 Months of Life

If my life was a comic, it would be The Life of Walt. Following the trends of the time, the series would have run #1 through whatever, rebooting with a new #1 and subtitle when I went off to college in 1999, as The Life of Walt: BGSU Student. After a short few years and second subtitle The Life of Walt: BGSU Alumni, the series would again reboot for my going off to grad school in 2004 as The Life of Walt: Kent State Student. Following graduation, instead of another renumbering, the series would continue on, and starting from grad school, December 2012 was month #100.


I started creating these images partway through grad school, and enjoyed doing so enough that I backtracked, finding older photos to go back from #19 to #1, and in the years since have kept up–for awhile month to month, and “catching up” once or twice a year the last several years.

My dilemma now is: I hate the constant renumbering in contemporary comics, yet #100 would be approximately #384, so January 2013 could simply be #385, and go from there.

Whatever the case–the “covers” above are all distinct images with full-size counterparts on my computer and personal facebook account.

I was inspired by the cover gallery of all the ‘regular’ Amazing Spider-Man covers shown in Amazing Spider-Man #700 several weeks ago.

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