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Mid-March Acquisitions

A few more reasons I love my local comic shop: over the last couple weeks, got Ultimate Comics X: Origins, Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 10, The Iron Age, and X-Force vol. 1 hardcovers for 75% off.

Fitting right into that theme, I stumbled across X-Men: X-Cutioner’s Song for what worked out to 73% off cover price at another shop last week.


I read the first issue of Ultimate Comics X a little over 3 years ago, and even having paid full price for that issue then, I still have not paid the equivalent of 3 single issues for this series…and definitely look forward to reading this to see if it’s worthwhile.


Back in 2004-2005 or so, I tracked down X-Cutioner’s song after simply never having gotten around to it in years previous. I believe I found a cheap secondhand copy of an old edition of the paperback…but I’ve had my eye on this quasi-“Omnibus” edition for a couple years now…spotting it for $14 made my week!


I’ve had my eye on this edition of X-Force for awhile as well: I prefer these oversized 10-12ish issue hardcovers by far to the so-called “premiere edition” “standard size” hardcovers. 75% off is a great price for something that’s already caught my eye.


I actually passed on the Iron Age single issues with every intention of reading the story “later” in a collected edition. I just hadn’t realized quite how MUCH “later” it would be…but again for the price…absolutely a sweet deal!


I went through library copies of the back half of the original Ultimate Spider-Man run several years ago, but been starting to look toward filling out my personal library of these hardcovers. For 75% off, well worth adding a “random” non-sequential volume to the set.


And on top of these, the Civil War: X-Men OHC is on order…may be sold out at Diamond, but if it is…oh well. Be a good sized volume for the collection, but otherwise not too worried…already have to re-arrange shelves after the past year’s acquisitions.

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  1. Damn… nice haul. I really need to get that X-Force collection. It must be an awesome book.

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