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Comics Mean Education, Entertainment, and Escape

The week of April 29th leading into Free Comic Book Day on May 4th, I’m asking bloggers, podcasters & artists to post something explaining what comics mean to you. (prompt courtesy of Comics Kick Ass Week)

Comics are a great source of education, entertainment, and escape for me. I’ve learned a lot from comics–stuff that’s stuck with me, even helped shape some of the ways I see the world around me. They’re certainly a source of entertainment, or I wouldn’t still have the interest I do in them (which in turn branches into everything else). And along the lines of entertainment, they also provide a means of (temporary) “escape.”

One of the most common, practical things I learned from comics comes from the price of the comics that had most of my interest at the time: $1.25. The majority of the comics I recall particularly from late 1992 seemed to be $1.25 for regular issues or $2.50 for (Eclipso) annuals, with some other price points thrown in. As such, I find it quite easy to recall that 1.25 goes into 10.00 8 times. That may not be terribly useful, but I’ve been amused at the times it’s come into play in my life.

I learned the differentiation between “justice” and “the law” from an old Batman comic, which informs my views to this day, that there IS a difference at times, between seeing the law upheld vs. seeing justice done, or vice versa.

I’ve learned about history and the world around me thanks to “exposure” through comics. I’m often fascinated when I discover that something referenced in a comic is true/corroborated elsewhere, or prompts me to research stuff on my own. I learned a lot that way from The Sandman series in particular.

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