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My End-of-May Bargain Acquisitions (part 2 of 3)

Heading into Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S. a couple weeks back, Half-Price Books sent out emails to remind members of their mailing list (which I willingly signed up for ages back) of a weekend sale: 20% off. Which, when stacked with the half-off most things are to begin with, makes for a functional 70%-off price for most things.

I wound up buying a couple randomish comics I’ve yet to read, an Archie book I forgot I never got around to buying/reading, as well as the rare prose novel purchase: two Aliens novels I’ve kept “passing” on assuming I already had them, when in fact I did not (until now). This whole bunch cost less than 3 contemporary Marvel comics.


Also falling over Memorial Day weekend, the comic shop at the Great Lakes Mall–Comics and Friends–organized the Lake Effect Comic Con. I went in planning/hoping to find a couple specific books and some bargain-bins. A quick walk through the venue yielded no worthwhile bargain-bins of single issues, and none of the bargain-books bins seemed to have what I was after.

I did come across several Superman volumes in a $5 bin…and it IS Superman, so…I bit. I might’ve been happier with “just” the Daily Planet volume, but after getting re-exposed to the Phantom Zone stories in Superman vs. Zod recently, I figured other “classic” stories couldn’t hurt too much.

And given my interest in the hardcovers of major X-stories of late, finding Fall of the Mutants for 60% off made for an eye-catching splurge-purchase.


One dealer had a table of old ’90s X-Men toys (most of them classic X-Force in particular). I did find a couple figures to buy. For the price of a single contemporary Marvel issue, I got both of the below:

After a couple days away (and a great visit with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages) I returned home to find a package waiting for me: the Omnibus volumes I’d ordered off eBay a couple weeks back:


I was fairly surprised at the condition these arrived in…really not bad at all, considering the price. And the GI Joe volume with 12-13 issues’ content cost the same as one of the single issues at cover price a few years back!

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