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Truly Bargain-Priced

Tonight I stopped at a Booksmillion on a whim. I really was hoping they’d have something Ninja Turtles related that I’d want, but they didn’t. However, I found their bargain section (that includes a bunch of mostly-Marvel graphic novels) and came across these:


These are those mid-size volumes–smaller than a standard-trim paperback, but larger than the actual “digest-sized” volumes.

But with about 5 issues of content each, for $3.97 each…quite the bargain indeed. These, that I know I’ll like from having read some of the First Class stuff in the past, or a $3.99 comic that’ll bug me for being $3.99? These are easily the better value(s).

Also rather pleased with myself at–not having a proper inventory–having photos of my shelves in my phone, so I can zoom in and see that I do or do not have certain volumes.

Here, I bought vol. 2 and left vol. 1 on the shelf at the store, as I saw vol. 1 in my photo of the shelf it’s on in my own collection.

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