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Hooked on the Air Bender

I tend to be a hard sell on most things. I don’t like change once I’m used to something, and I don’t tend to embrace new stuff when the old still works just as well. But once I do give something a shot, if I like it, I tend to go all-in rather quickly.


A couple years ago after a weekend visit with friends where we watched several “key” Dalek episodes of the current Doctor Who run, I went back and re-watched the Eccleston premiere series and then finally forged into Tennant‘s first series and far enough in to actually get hooked, and sped through the entire run before summer. A A year or so prior to that, my friends had had me watch a couple episodes, and I did watch the Eccleston series, but couldn’t get into Tennant‘s, so just let it go by the wayside.

In a similar fashion, last year the same friends had me watch a couple episodes of The Legend of Korra; and I do recall watching the final five-ish episodes of Avatar a number of years earlier. Then the weekend of the 14th they had me watch the first few episodes of Avatar…and this time it “took.”

It also helps that a couple other friends have also been “into” these and so had also had my interest up.

I don’t like Amazon Prime, and had seen the Avatar box sets at Target and already’d considered picking them up, so I did, and finished Book 1 and all of Book 2 in less than 9 days including that weekend visit with my friends.

And I’m hooked. I have every intention of getting the Complete Book 3 Collection, and then moving on to Legend of Korra…as well as likely checking out some of the comics.

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