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New (to me) Comic TV on DVD

Target has a buy one, get one 50% off sale going on this week on select titles. That’s on top of some select one-off discounts. As such, the first two seasons of Arrow worked out to be slightly over the price of three single-issues apiece. Powers was a lot more pricey and bought before going to Target.


I definitely see things lining up to replace cable tv for me this fall. Between seasons on dvd/blu-ray, and digital iTunes purchasing a la carte, since I virtually never keep up “live” with anything anymore, it’ll be a lot cheaper overall than what cable costs, as well as a heckuva lot more portable.

On top of these, newer seasons will be coming out in several weeks and then across a couple months.

Even if they exceed what I’m willing to spend…these Arrow seasons “prove” that all I have to do is wait, and eventually they’ll be on sale for what I consider a very reasonable price (~$20ish and under).

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