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After All These Years…Proper Storage!

After all these years–going on 20 years or so–I finally have begun what only seems like PROPER storage to me, for comics.

I bought a large storage rack–48″ wide, 72″ tall, 24″ deep–and it’s got the capacity to hold 25 longboxes. As of this typing, it’s got 17 1/2 (a shortbox), and I love the setup, and look forward to getting the rest of my boxes situated.  (And then begin the process of actually sorting the accumulation and getting back to an actual collection!)

Even the cat seems to approve.


3 Responses

  1. Hi, just stumbled across your blog. Nice collection!! I’m helping my boyfriend organize his massive collection, and was hoping to do a setup similar to what you’ve got here. Can you tell me where you bought the shelving? I want to make sure whatever we get is strong enough to hold everything so all that hard work doesn’t come toppling down!

    Awesome blog, I’m enjoying reading through the posts 🙂

    • I picked it up at Home Depot–it’s an Edsal brand unit; 48″ wide, 72″ tall, 24″ deep.

      Walmart Online looks like they have it as well, a little cheaper…I have not seen it in an actual Walmart in-person, though.

      So far, so good on holding the weight–25 longboxes on the unit (5 to a shelf) and the thing is (so far) NOT wobbly or such; so I’m quite happy for now, and just added a second unit.

  2. […] I’d bought a 5-shelf heavy-duty rack to try out for storing longboxes, and have now added a second. Additionally, I’ve moved the rest of my accumulation such that […]

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