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The Weekly Haul – Week of February 24, 2016

Another week, another haul…


I keep saying I’m not buying anything from DC, and yet there’s Superman: Lois and Clark, on its fifth issue now, that I’ve actually been following. I’ve seen several ads for the Coming of the Supermen book, and that cover just really stood out to me. Love the logo–the yellow and red, the nearly-classic costume (“modesty shorts” included), the fact that it’s a Neal Adams book…ok, I’ll check it out.

I’d wondered at the lack of TMNT Color Classics last week…but as I’m behind on reading that, it didn’t bother me; though it meant TWO TMNT books this week.

Though I’m not much sure what to make of Spawn of late, there’s “something” to  Erik Larsen‘s involvement WITH McFarlane, on one of THE original Image books, as well as the fact that the thing has–for more than TWENTY YEARS–maintained its original numbering with no reboots, no renumbering, no shenanigans.

And finally…I recently read an early-1980 issue of The New Adventures of Superboy that had an ad for that issue of Adventure Comics, and it struck me as interesting, so I decided to “look for it” at the LCS…and found it. There was one in better condition for $4, but since I just want to read the thing, I was happy to pay a mere $1.50 (a 375% markup on cover price) (that’d make a $3.99 comic basically a $15 issue).

While I’ve stuck very tightly to the quarter bins and such…I’m increasingly interested in specific back issues, and find that if I’m specifically interested in it, and it’s $4 or less, I’m typically cool with it–if I’ll pay $4 for a SINGLE ISSUE of something “new,” why not pay the same or less for something specific that’s 10, 20, 30, even closing in on 40 years old?


Whenever it was that The Usagi Yojimbo Saga vol. 1 was published–I recall seeing it and being quite impressed with it…especially for its size! I believe the “original” collections were $13-15 each…and the new vol. 1 collected THREE of the previous volumes…at a much larger size…for less than cover price of two of the older editions. Though it went on my mental checklist to buy, I didn’t get around to it and then vol. 2 arrived, then 3….then 4, then 5. So I finally sucked it up and ordered the first four (for a significant discount through InStockTrades), figuring the latest (5) should be in print long enough I can maybe hold off a bit.

I’d planned on adopting Usagi as a character to focus on in 2011, though that didn’t end up working out as planned.

Just over half a decade later, I’m far better prepared materially…if not with the time to jump in on the actual reading quite yet.


Over the past weekend, I was treated to playing Boss Monster and Boss Monster 2 with a couple friends.

I thoroughly enjoyed it overall, and while I’d been planning to purchase the game several times in the past, actually getting to see stuff again, and the new “limited edition” of the second, I opted to “pull the trigger” and buy the two. There’s a third “mini expansion” but I had to show a LITTLE restraint…especially having ordered the Usagi Yojimbo books and another purchase I’d made over the weekend.


The game certainly taps a major bit of nostalgia for me…and I absolutely love the packaging design on both boxes, as well as the “variant art” sleeve for the 2nd one!

And though I usually hate “variants,” in this case I am perfectly ok with it: because it’s a paper sleeve that the box slides into. I could ditch the sleeve and just have both boxes exposed; or I can use the sleeve, but I still get to enjoy the box itself when I’ll have stuff out to play.

(Similarly, for a comic, if they’d ever go back to the “double covers,” then whichever is “on top” I would either have the cover I want for display or could rip the top one off leaving the one I want exposed.)

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