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Unexpected HPB Find

I’d’ve sworn I recently saw a copy of Teen Titans Earth One at a Half-Price Books, but did not see it in Mentor last weekend. So this past Friday, I made an extra point of stopping at the Mayfield one to see if perhaps it’d been there. No such luck on that book…but I did find another book that I wanted, was a no-brainer on purchasing, but which I had not even consciously considered finding.


While far from the best condition imaginable, for a mere $15, I consider this quite a treasure! This is a hardback (I believe there were both the hardback and a paperback edition), and after hearing some discussion of this (or the Superman counterpart) it was briefly on my radar, though having zero intention of dropping $40+ it quickly faded.

So the $14.99 on this totally spoiled my intent of getting in and out quickly and for roughly $10.

The trouble now is…I really want the Superman volume all the more.

2 Responses

  1. Congrats on the awesome find and a great deal at that! They carry both this and the Superman versions out my way… however, they don’t keep them in the Comic/Graphic Novel section… instead they’re in the “Vintage” section… and are priced accordingly.

    • I was expecting that ‘alternate pricing’ when I saw it.

      As long as they at least separate the stuff I’m not too put-off. Just loathe that momentary excitement seeing a great book in with everything else, only to find it priced vastly beyond anything remotely resembling “half” price….

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