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The Weekly Haul – Week of June 01, 2016

Another week and another huge stack of books! Yet for the size of the stack, not a bad haul at all!


First off, four full-sized brand-new non-promo-priced* DC books, the first four of the ___: Rebirth books. (* promo-priced to me is $1 or less or less than general cover price).

And while a cover-comparison proves my memory a bit wrong…the cover of the Bebop & Rocksteady issue reminds me quite a bit of some of the old Archie TMNT minis.


Delving into the bargain bins…these five issues of The Solution SHOULD mean I have a complete run–it clears out my list I had of missing issues, though being OCD as I am, I will be seeking out another copy of #16–it’s a “flip book” with Ultraverse Premiere and I aim to have that series functionally as its own thing in my filing.


I snagged another Shadowman #0 with the chromium cover, and two “late” issues that were on my list. I have a “thing” with X-Men #41, and I’m presently on a Zero Hour kick so a random #0 issue of R.E.B.E.L.S. doesn’t hurt on the nostalgia–this was my jumping-on point for an otherwise long-running series, having been aware of L.E.G.I.O.N. and jumping in with the start of the re-branded story.


I’m now missing only 15 issues from having Action Comics #s 542-904. My aim is to work backward from the Byrne reboot on both Superman and Action–probably in small-ish chunks. But with this, I don’t think it’ll be at all absurd to aim for a run from #500-on (diminished as I will have to hunt down the bulk of the New 52 run).


I almost passed on it, but knew I’d regret it if I did–picked up a bunch of Aquaman from the Peter David series.


Of the first 50 issues, only 8 shy of the full run!

While I am not looking specifically for ’90s books…it’s clearly apparent to me that I am absolutely a ’90s guy when it comes to comics!

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