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Ads to Make Me Geek Out A Bit

I normally dislike or avoid ads as best I can…but I’m a LOT more "forgiving" of them in-print. Though both Marvel and DC seem to cram their comics full of ads, such that sometimes it seems every-other page is an ad or a double-page ad spread.

But this week, one ad in particular made me geek out, two others significantly impressed me, and another re-made a point to me of just why I so strongly "prefer" the standard/main/basic/A/most-non-variant cover an issue carries. These in just two comics! 

DC Universe: Rebirth – The Deluxe Edition


I’ve been vaguely aware that this was coming up, but seeing the ad for it really made me geek out. DC Universe: Rebirth is easily one of the most KEY issues of my lifetime, and certainly of the last few years, for me. I started out grudgingly deciding I’d get the issue and wound up getting multiple copies to "support" the thing, a digital copy for immediacy, and a couple of the other prints for the squarebound format… but the issue is what truly, fully SOLD me on Rebirth and prompted me to go all-out on the initiative and dive in as I have…to say nothing of simply giving me a Superman experience driving me to the comic shop every single week for the latest on the character, after most of a decade of blah stuff.

DC Collectibles: Batman the Animated Series – The Batwing


The "regular size" figures in this Batman the Animated Series line are too expensive for me…as I’m absolutely certain this Batwing toy is. But darnit, this thing looks really freaking cool, and if I had the space and money to throw presumably $100+ at it, I’d love to have it.

As-is, this is a fantastic ad, showing the toy, describing it with context as to its scale (more than three feet long and just over two feet wide and holds two action figures!). Adding the classic quote from the Tim Burton Batman film that was heavily influential on this series (particularly the theme music!) was an added touch.

Then there’s the way it melds the new/current DC logo with the classic tv series logo…

Action Comics #967 – Men of Steel


I just like this image…seeing both Clark and Luthor doing The Shirt Rip, revealing each man’s Super-outfit. While there doesn’t seem to have been all that much with them clashing yet (a feeling I’m thankful for!), this re-ignites my interest on the matter. Having this Luthor interacting with this Superman is fantastic for conflict and character interaction, and I look forward to witnessing more of it for myself.

After having a story "restoring" Clark Kent to things, albeit with a twist; then another story "re-installing" Lois at The Daily Planet, it seems likely that this will re-catalyze the Superman/Luthor relationship in context of the current situation, giving both men reason to clash with the other, rather than either man’s "assumption" of who/what the other is.

Ad for Superman (2016) #10


Finally, this ad for Superman #10 has had me both really looking forward to the issue in general as well as chomping at the bit for the new Super Sons title promised awhile back, and pushed into 2017 or so.

Today, though, the ad did something else, catching me as it did on timing…seeing the ad in Shade: The Changing Girl #2…immediately after having just read the issue itself (Superman #10).

One of my bigger complaints on variant covers is that I want the more iconic cover, the regular/actual cover, the cover that matches promotional materials for whatever the issue/series/book is.

So, above, see the ad for the issue. And below…see the actual cover of the issue.

There’s no getting away from being able to tell the issue on sight from the ads!

Cover for Superman (2016) #10


As a cover, I like the design. It’s simple, it’s to-the-point, it fits the issue without having to be an exact scene from within the issue; it conveys what’s in the issue, what it’s about, the premise. And there’s just something fun-ish, to me, about the two pairs facing off as they are.

The image is instantly recognizable from the weeks of ads, and could easily be a fun poster, illustrating the "Superman vs. Batman" mentality/rivalry with two generations of characters.

Plus, just the fact that here we have Superman AND Batman, both fathers now, with their sons "in training" to be likely successors/current generation figures…I just really dig the image!

And this is where I like it…the same art, but other elements–Logos, blurbs, cover text, credits, when to expect the issue–are moved around as fitting for their purpose as part of either an ad or an actual cover.

So to reiterate…though I dislike many ads, some I do actually like, and as shown above, these are a few that stood out to me and were definite positives!

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