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The Weekly Haul – Weeks of March 1st & 8th, 2017

Week of March 8th, 2017:

This week was a pretty small week for new comics for me: only two new issues!


We’ve got the second chapter of Superman: Reborn in Action Comics #975 (a 38-page issue for only $3.99!). And the second issue of Blake Northcott‘s All New Fathom.


Along with the new issues, I noticed a couple of familiar-in-style polybag tops sticking out of the $1 bins…upon investigating, they were indeed issues of Wizard! For being only $1 apiece, I snagged all 8 issues present, figuring I’ll at least enjoy opening them and going through the goodies that came with them…as well as "replacing" posters long since ripped out and lost.

Ziggy was curious what I was doing, so got himself into the photo. A nice little bonus, no?

And because I totally forgot to do it from last week, below I’ll cover last week’s haul.

Week of March 1st, 2017:

Last week was significantly larger as a whole, though in terms of new comics, it was another small week of only two new issues.


The first chapter of Superman: Reborn in Superman #18; and the second issue of The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom.


I did hit the quarter-bins, though, and snagged some gems. The original first issue of Marvels, and an issue of its successor, Ruins. A "horror variant" of an issue of Wolverine from about a decade ago…and an early issue of Dark Horse Comics Presents.


A number of issues of the Manga X-Men (based on the Fox Kids animated series) were present…these are probably duplicates, but for "only" 25 cents an issue, I figured I’d kick myself if I passed on ’em and later realized any of them actually DID plug any hole(s) in my existing collection.


Then there were several giant-size issues that are an even greater "value" for being 25 cents compared to their significantly greater cover prices. I’m nearly certain I already have the Superman 80-page Giant and the DC One Million 80-page Giant, but especially in this case, duplicates will be no complaint from me. And though I can’t imagine having passed on it in 2011, the DC Retroactive – The ’80s: Superman #1 made for a great near-immediate re-read!


And rounding out the relatively "modest" quarter-bin haul, some "classic" ’80s and ’90s issues that stood out to me…particularly the still-glows-in-the-dark Green Lantern #50 and the issue immediately preceding the start of The Death of Clark Kent in Superman: The Man of Steel #44. There’s also the issue of The Adventures of Superman that first introduced us to Hank Henshaw (a character that never went on to anything greater, right?)


Finally, when Marvel liquidated a bunch of omnibii a few weeks back, I was able to get in on a great price for these two volumes. I’ve long written off the Hawkeye series as some pretentious something-or-other and various excuses (like being too expensive in any format for my tastes!). But for less than the cost of 8 standard Marvel comics, this gives me a solid hardcover to read eventually. And for the same price as FIVE standard Marvel comics…the Invincible Iron Man by Kurt Busiek/Sean Chen Omnibus.

So all in all, a couple of solid weeks of minimal new issues, but great bargain bin/bargain finds.

And here’s another look at that photo of Ziggy with those Wizards…


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