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The Weekly Haul – Weeks of March 22nd & 29th, 2017

This week’s both huge yet small. Mostly EXPENSIVE.

THREE $5 issues ($4.99) from DC… but these are the would-be-Annuals-now-simply-Specials with the DC heroes crossing over/teaming up with the Hanna-Barbera characters. I don’t know that I’ll be getting ALL of them over the coming months…but these three had my attention…particularly the Booster Gold/Flintstones one and Green Lantern/Space Ghost. I saw the Adam Strange/Future Quest cover enough times that I apparently added it to my stack…so I’ll make a point to read it at least!


Then I grudgingly hunted down X-Men: Prime…where typically I’ll "vote with my wallet" AGAINST stuff like this…since I was ALREADY throwing price out the window with the DC books, and have long groused about the state of the X-books, I can at least bite the bullet on this issue to "try" it. After all…I can’t KEEP knocking stuff–can’t knock the "new" stuff or the "change of course" or "seeming change of course" if I don’t at least try it. Then after seeing a preview and LOVING the art (a DEFINITE rarity for me, as I virtually NEVER buy solely based on the art) got the apparently-final issue of All-New X-Men (volume whatever…3, 4?). And the preview book was "free," so…whatever.


The third issue of Kamandi Challenge is out…I need to read #2 yet, but don’t want to fall behind.

Finally, for a $6 cover price, Dark Horse Number Ones reprints 8 #1 issues from Dark Horse…I’m all about these sorts of volumes, especially on the price. It’s even preferable to $1 #1 reprints!

And speaking of reprints…there’s some sort of $10 edition of Letter 44 vol. 1 out…beats the heck outta the $20 cover price on the original edition! I did not get that as I’ve gotten way behind on the single issues, and have all the single issues. Though for the price, I may track it down eventually.

Below, I cover last week‘s haul, which I neglected til now out of frustration at trying to track down the Action Comics issue.

Week of March 22nd, 2017:

Last week was a fairly large haul itself, and a bit on the expensive side for the new issues. It was also heavy on TMNT due to missing a couple weeks at Kenmore where I have ’em on my pull list.


Another huge-ish dose of TMNT, with the entire month’s run in one purchase. The regular/main ongoing, TMNT Universe, and the 5th of 6 issues for Batman/TMNT Adventures.

Then Spawn and Letter 44…and of course, the concluding chapter of Superman Reborn in Action Comics #976.

I was rather annoyed at the lack of copies of the Action Comics issue…like suddenly a bunch of people not usually picking up the title decided to grab it on Speculation or such (usually plenty of copies of whatever that week’s Superman issue still on Wednesday!)


Also had Darkwing Duck on the pull list, snagged Reborn as I’ve snagged the other issues thus far, and on recommendation, decided to give Powerless a try.

And not having known if I’d be able to get Action Comics, I bought The Flintstones vol. 1 as I’ve been interested in this new take on it, and figured it’d be worth trying.


Finally, I raided the 25-cent bins and grabbed a whole $1’s worth of issue. Conan/Rune as a relative rarity, Superman: The Man of Steel #50 for what it is; ditto on the Action Comics issue. Then, having hunted the Adventures of Superman issue the weekend prior and paying "full back issue price" for it…seeing it in the quarter-bin, snagged it on "principle".

Now, maybe next week will be a decent, small week!


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