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Showing off a Refreshed Shelf

Awhile back, an accident with my display cabinet resulted in basically every last thing inside it knocked over…and until this past weekend, I’d not bothered to go through and clear everything out to set up the display again from scratch.

The thing in shambles was really grating on my nerves, just knowing it was in shambles and all, so I finally took the time to get stuff set up again, and rearrange slightly (as well as add several new acquisitions). I also had to remove a "Mopeez" plush that refused to remain upright.


I think this is my favorite shelf in the cabinet (though the shelf above it has a much more personal element, with a bunch of Warmachine minis I painted myself seven years ago). This has the bulk of my Robin collection, though several Robins (including the Mopeez) don’t work inside the cabinet.

And I won’t even try to cram my Superman collection in, as that has outgrown an entire crammed top of a bookcase!


These are on the TOP of the display cabinet. Three more Robins, the tallest Supermen in my collection, and so on. As far as scale–the standing Robin is one of those 12" figures. The Superman in the back is around 20" or so!

The much larger size of most of these make it not very practical to try to contain them inside the cabinet…and the two standing Supermen and standing Robin flat-out won’t fit standing up inside. The giant-size Dorbz Robin and the two bust banks are large enough that it’s not really practical to cram inside, either, as so little would reasonably fit that way.

7 Responses

  1. An awesome display indeed! Loving the Booster Gold action figure, have the Blue Beetle AF but he seems rather unhappy without his ol’ pal Booster! 🙂

    • Thanks! Heroclix and an Eaglemoss figurine…I’d love an actual full-size action figure of Booster (ideally with Beetle). Very sorely disappointed at the apparent cancellation of a DC Icons 2-pack that was to feature the pair! 😦

      • I hadn’t heard that the Icons double pack was cancelled, that really is disappointing as I was really looking forward to picking that up, what a shame.

      • I’ve been rather appalled at prices-to-physical-size ratios on a lotta toys lately…but yeah, doesn’t get much better than Blue and Gold…and I’d have bought it happily.

        Maybe they’ll opt to put it out yet, or maybe it’ll turn out I was misinformed. A guy can hope…

      • We can but hope my friend… I really hope they do decide to release them though, alongside a Fire and Ice maybe!?

  2. Nice! Great collection. I can’t tell, but are those Batman and Robin figures in the center of the photo from the original Super Powers collection, the later Toy Biz, or the recent re-releases?

    • They’re actually miniature reproductions I found at Walgreens! 🙂 I had (I believe) the Toy Biz as a kid, but that’s long since lost to Time and Growing Up; wouldn’t mind getting one again if I found a good price…

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