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The Weekly Haul: Week of September 26, 2018

This week’s an interesting week for new comics, particularly for the hype/buildup to DC‘s latest event series, Heroes in Crisis.

And of course…


Well, Sarah says "Hi!" She kicked Heroes in Crisis away from the rest of the issues entirely, but seemed particularly enamored with Star Trek vs. Transformers.


So, this week begins Heroes in Crisis. I’d wavered on the issue, and have to admit it was somehow the cover art that pushed me over the edge on it, back to actually buying the issue. Maybe the S-shield on Superman being nice and large.

Action Comics has been a gimme for almost 2 1/2 years again; not sure what to think of this one from the cover; we’ll see once I’ve read it.

Not too keen on Flash for the cover, and I think I’m iffy on sticking with the title. I’d already let it lapse, jumped back in for the Flash War and I’m not particularly interested with the various "Forces" introduced, nor in a non-Wally Flash title.

I doubt I’ll stick with it, but there was just something to the notion of Star Trek vs. Transformers that has me curious enough to at least get the first issue.

Spawn‘s been an ongoing thing for me for a couple/several years now, though I’m ridiculously far behind on actually reading. But as a $2.99 title, I feel like I’ve gotta support the price point, at minimum!

And can’t beat $1 #1 issues for actual series, such as Oni‘s The Long Con. I wound up getting the entirety of Letter 44 (~35 issues) thanks simply to the first issue being $1 instead of $3.99. Marvel could CERTAINLY learn a thing or two from that sort of pricing scheme!


3 Responses

  1. What did you think of Heroes in Crisis?

    • I thought it was vastly over-hyped, for what hype I did see of it. I don’t know what I expected, but it did not meet my expectations, and I was left feeling depressed at the end, much as I had been after watching Batman v. Superman in the theater.

      Even as the first of 7 issues (though it was apparently bumped to 9 issues), it’s intro/setup and doesn’t begin to get to the “meat” of the story, so I can’t begin to judge the entire thing. But as a single issue, I did not care for it, I don’t like what HAS been set up, and I’m on the fence as to whether I’ll even continue with the single issues. (the existence of multiple variants per issue is a further turn-off).

      Meanwhile, I’m enjoying (overall) the main Batman title, or at least, the Mr. Freeze arc (51-53) and the standalone issue 54; not sure what to make of how 55 ended but enjoyed that issue until the end.

      I’m having a hard time with the Booster Gold I’m seeing with this writer…far preferring what I’ve seen from Jurgens and Johns.

      But I think that gets into other stuff for another time…

      This week’s Doomsday Clock is the second issue of the series that I’ve “passed” on–such a slow build on the first 4-5 issues that while I imagine the final 12+ issue thing will be solid overall, I can wait. The bi-monthly-ish shipping (we should only be waiting for #12 now) killed its momentum for me. (also confusion on my end with regular vs. variants and finding myself “stuck” with a $4.99 VARIANT pi**ed me off enough to quit with the singles).

      (oops…here I am getting ranty…)

      • To be honest I’ve got some really conflicted thoughts about Heroes in Crisis #1. I was going to make a post about it but I’ve just been mad busy this week. Tom King is sorta hit and miss for me. I really like the style of his writing but some of the subject matter he writes about isn’t for me. I’m just going to roll with it for now but there might be an explosive rant at the end; if all those characters are really dead. His work on Batman has been an ok read for me but I’ll agree the Booster Gold story was weird.
        I haven’t read Doomsday Clock #7 yet. My problem is when the issues are spaced so far apart like that I forget what was going on and end up having to reread them. I have been liking that overall though.

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