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Bought it For the Cover: A Sound of Thunder’s Parallel Eternity

This is a sort of dual-themed post. But I realized that it truly fits under the banner of Bought it For the Cover as it was definitely the art for the Rai cover that got my attention back in 2019! (Despite my aversion to modern Valiant).

Bought it For the Cover Archive:

So about a year after originally expected (thanks to the obvious of 2020), A Sound of Thunder‘s 10th anniversary album Parallel Eternity has finally arrived…along with various Kickstarter goodies.


First, I was impressed with the packaging. I’ve gotten used to crummy packaging with Kickstarter stuff lately. This bundle came with a nice black envelope covering with the a small sticker of the band’s logo (of the circle/X looking part in the middle-right above). It also had stickers stating FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE on top and bottom (or front/back…skinny package).

Getting that open revealed the box at the top of the photo above, which nicely protected its contents as well as being an attractive piece itself!

This bundle came with the Parallel Eternity booklet signed by the band; and the Rai (2019) #1 issue. Then there’s some sort of vinyl record (square?!? Huh…interesting!).

Some sort of CD with the same Rai art…possibly a game. But I think it’s a single of a Rai track (ditto the vinyl record). A sticker with the band’s name and that X thing; and a signed postcard.

And ostensibly the main thing…the two-disc CD album Parallel Eternity.


Given this Rai issue was a bonus thing, I feel it gets around my not buying Valiant single issues and such. And given how late it is getting here, hardly seems a factor to me in terms of contributing to their numbers. As an exclusive from the band, the quantity was the quantity whether I got one or not.

And it did what they presumably intended in grabbing my attention.

I actually had wound up buying several of their other tracks digitally and they’ve been part of a regular rotation in playlists for me.

And I "discovered" them and their work, those tracks…and backed the album…because of the cover art of the Rai issue getting my attention.

No plans for further Rai but I do think I’ll be enjoying this album and continue enjoying A Sound of Thunder‘s work going forward.


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