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More Life Changes and More Unknown Future

Six weeks shy of my 9-year anniversary with an employer, I was laid off back in 2016. 4 1/2 months later, I began a new job.

Now, last week, again completely outta nowhere, I was called into my manager’s office where I was informed that I was being laid off, effective immediately.


It’s yet to set in overly much; immediate necessities have been set into motion and addressed.

Something’s different this time around; I can’t really put my finger on it.

It’s discouraging…maybe all the more because I was told it wasn’t something I myself had done or had not done. At least if I had done something, I’d have something to work on improving.

But I’m not putting stuff out here much beyond what I’ve already said.

Still, it’s a significant "life event," that I fear exemplifies "the new normal," where instead of one being able to just get a job, give their all and loyalty to one company, they’re just signing on for some temporary-yet-indeterminate time.

Much as too many comics have been: instead of going indefinitely, hundreds of issues in a run…now most comics only go so long before being put on hiatus and then renumbered as a new run.



A New Beginning..?

Barring catastrophic, unforeseen circumstances…about the time this post goes live, I’ll be starting my first day of a new job.


Nearly 9 1/2 years ago (the first Friday in July 2007), I walked through the front doors of a building I’d–til then–never been in before, "reporting for work" via a temp agency. Figured it’d last a few months…maybe a year. I wound up being hired in as a fulltime employee a couple months later.

Six weeks shy of my nine year anniversary, I was laid off.

And now after a frustrating few months…I begin a new adventure.

I have no idea what the future holds.


As with certain other points in my life–it’s an easier parallel to a comic, in a loose sense–in a way of thinking.

In this case…it’s a new #1. New series, new creative team, new direction…same established character and continuity.

Certain supporting characters remain, and previous characters that may have been in focus may end up in rare cameos and appearances here and there–while a new front-and-center supporting cast is introduced. A new core situation that informs large chunks of the protagonist’s life, and will set the stage for whatever ripple effect of things to come.

Whether this’ll be a one-shot, a mini-series, or a lengthy and full run, I don’t know.

Time most certainly will tell…

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