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The Weekly Haul – Week of May 31st, 2017

This week is ridiculously small! As far as new comics, REALLY was only ONE issue I was specifically looking forward to. I still managed to spend like I’d bought 7-8 Marvel issues, though!


I’ve been enjoying the four-issue/3.5-title/month-long The Lazarus Contract story crossing The Titans, Teen Titans, and Deathstroke…and while the Deathstroke issue seemed to sell out/be shorted all over last week, no trouble snagging this Teen Titans Special (that I believe was supposed to be an Annual!)

Then of course, there’s the 25-cent issue of Saga, which, hey…for 25 cents, I wasn’t going to NOT get it! I may even read it, see where it seems the title’s gone since whenever I left off on reading via TPBs a couple/several years back!

And finally, because it was there…I snagged the X-Men: Apocalypse Wars oversized hardcover for the staggeringly-high price* of 5 1/2 Marvel single issues! (* Note heavy sarcasm in that phrasing!) I had been intending a nice, cheap week, but gladly tossed that out the window for a bargain-priced volume at this price and for a story I’d been interested in reading but passed on originally just for the price of the single issues.

Perhaps with this "small" week, I’ll catch up on some other reading and such…time will tell!

We also have the Wonder Woman movie coming out this week–surely some Thursday shows, but I’m seeing it Friday with a friend. There’s also Wonder Woman Day Saturday that might warrant a quick visit to a shop or two–Once again, time will tell!

Sucked Into Saga

I remember hearing about Saga around the time it came out. The “buzz” and “word of mouth” were enough that I pre-ordered the first paperback (at $9.99 I have no problem paying full price to get it at the comic shop).


I read the first chapter, and wasn’t all that impressed. Apparently I had started into the 2nd chapter before losing interest (based on where I found my page-marker) and the book sat for months.

Last Friday, after hearing podcaster Chris Marshall (of Collected Comics Library) talk about a similar experience–not having cared for the first issue, but making a conscious decision to go ahead and give the first two volumes a shot–I figured what the heck, I could do the same.

Snagged vol. 2 at full cover price for the “immediate gratification” of having the thing; dug out vol. 1….and ended up reading chapters 2-10 in one go. When I left vol. 2 at work I bought the digital issue 12 just so I wouldn’t have to wait til I got BACK to work to finish the contents of vol. 2.

And surprise, surprise…

I’m hooked. Quite enjoyed both volumes, and I’m seriously thinking of jumping onboard with the single issues (digitally) and keep with the paperbacks as my “hard copy” of these.

Time will certainly tell…

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