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A Quarter-Bin Haul: Week of February 21, 2018

Perhaps a bit reckless on the spending after just being laid off, I spent awhile digging through quarter bins that I hadn’t in a long time, and got quite a haul. Of course, for all these comics from that quarter bin dive…it was still (in itself) LESS money than the new comics. And less than buying a mere SEVEN new Marvel issues, or only 9 new DC issues. Far more available to read, to fill in holes in the collection, to have conveniently handy for a bit til they disappear into boxes, etc.


I’m not actually sure what The New Wave is, but I’m certain that my brain keeps trying to think Nextwave. Since the first few issues were present, I was able to snag 9 issues…enough to definitely check things out and see what I think of ’em, assuming I ever get around to the actual reading of these.


And a complete run of The Man of Steel? Yeah, why not? I may want to revisit this series this spring anyway, given the current stuff.


I feel like I recall Batman: Sword of Azrael #1 going for $40ish at one point. So scoring all four issues for a mere $1? Excellent! I still really like that first cover. Anecdotally…I originally bought #1 "off the stand" as a brand-new issue (though it was awhile before I ever got #s 2-4). I’m less sure, but thinking I’d had the choice of it or Vengeance of Bane and chose Azrael.


And a complete 4-issue mini-series of Black Knight? Why not?


Some classic Sword of the Atom specials, and the three issue Tales of the Green Lantern Corps mini. Can’t remember if I already have any of the Sword of the Atom specials, but I do have the Tales of the GL Corps mini already.


Same goes for Guy Gardner Reborn and the Justice League America #70. The Justice League International Special issues are new to me, I believe, and interesting pieces, at that!


Finally making a bit of headway on Green Lantern: Mosaic. I really need to figure out now which specific issues I’m actually still missing, as this gives me a solid 1-9, and I think I have #18 or so (whatever the final issue was), meaning I should have 8 or less issues to track down now!


A nice mini-run of the early Kyle Green Lantern issues; I’d previously found a decent run that I believe was missing these, so between that, these,and what I already had, I should have most of the first 60 or so Kyle issues.


While there were several missing issues, I don’t consciously remember this 2-part Parallax View story, but I’m eager to read it, even "out of order" and "out of context" for now! And while contemporary Valiant is on my $#!^ list, they didn’t do "original Valiant stuff, so I’m still somewhat interested in that run. And hey…Unity #0… not a bad issue, I don’t think, to pick up for only 25 cents!


If other "early issues" of JLI and JLE were in the bins, I did not see them with the #1 issues, so I don’t feel as bad about "just" grabbing the #1. They go well with Justice League Quarterly, which I did find several subsequent issues! I’m not sure if there were only these 7 offhand but I don’t think I remember this title being around when I was getting into the main JL:A book around the Death of Superman.

I do like those first issue covers…a fun sorta "running gag" for this era of the title(s), somewhat revisited with the recent Omnibus volume.


Then there’s Breakdowns, which was mostly present.


A couple missing issues of JLE, but if I can find those in the near-ish future, this may be a good binge-read! Then there’s Jurgens‘ first issue on the title, with the "new" post-Breakdowns status quo that included Superman and Maxima.


With getting Starman #1, I might actually have the full series now. If not, I’m only missing a few issues! Forgotten Realms appealed to my D&D nostalgia/curiosity of this era of the TSR comics. Superman #1 for the nostalgia, and to go with The Man of Steel issues. The confrontation with Supergirl shortly before all the Death of Superman stuff appealed to me for the "convenience copy" factor; same for the first issue of her post-Return mini (which did not seem to have its 2-4).


I’d have to research if the gold-ink cover of Crisis #1 is a first print or not; offhand I’m thinking it’s a later printing, being in the quarter bin. The "key" issues 7 & 8 (Deaths of Supergirl and Flash) were missing.


But outside of 7 & 8, I was able to snag the entire series. I’m pretty sure I have #7 somewhere…but I’m not sure about #8. I’d definitely be interested in a "cheapo" copy of #8 as a "reader copy" or such, just to have the issue. No need for "near-mint" for me.


All that DC, and only a scant handful of Marvel issues. And one is a crossover with DC! The X-Men/New Teen Titans crossover…and this may be the best-condition I’ve found of the issue, for only getting it from bargain bins! I was rather surprised at the Contest of Champions being 25 cents..perhaps it’s a later printing, or maybe it’s that the thing’s not in great condition (but hardly "poor" condition). Shogun Warriors was interesting just for beign a #1 from this period. The Incredible Hulk issue looked like an interesting one-off to read. Avengers #1 (the first of about a dozen now in my "comics reading lifetime"!!!) for the heckuvit since it was there and 25 cents; same for the Heroes Return iteration of Captain America #1 (the second of about a dozen such #1s for that title in my "comics reading lifetime").


My End-of-May Bargain Acquisitions (part 3 of 3)

After having initially passed on a number of Batman issues the previous week, last week I filled out more of my Batman collection for convenience of having the issues already in one place so I have less to dig for in the nearer-future:

I remember these Batman: The New Adventures issues from my early comic-reading days; I believe the two issues on the right were in one of those 3-packs that stores like Kmart and Hills used to carry.


Though duplicates, I wanted to have as much of the full Batman run as I can without digging through way too many longboxes, and re-buying the issues saves some digging (for now)…so another copy of the Knightfall issues:


I don’t recall how much the first printing “direct market” or “collectors’ edition” Batman #497 was once “worth,” but got it here for only 25-cents along with the surrounding issues!


…and for a mere 50 cents TOTAL, snagged BOTH editions of the oversized Batman #500. Twenty years ago, the “newsstand edition” was cover-priced $2.50 and the “collectors’ edition” was $3.95 cover price. (These days, that’d probably be $4.99 and $7.99).


I’m pretty sure I once saw Batman: Sword of Azrael #1 listed as being supposedly “worth” $40 or so (back in early 1993). The cover price of each of these issues was $1.75. In this purchase, I paid $1 TOTAL for all 4 first prints.


Fleshed out the Legends of the Dark Knight collection…


Nothing particularly special to me about these particular issues, except filling in some holes in the collection.


…of course, Legends of the Dark Knight #50 is a “classic” for me–both for the image and the re-telling of the classic Joker story. Paid $3.95 for it about 20 years ago. Paid a mere 25-cents for it last week.


I recognize the Vows issue…but can’t recall offhand if that’s because I bought it in-print recently, or because I bought it as a random 99-cent digital edition. Either way, I’ve come nowhere close to paying full cover price for it, even if it is a duplicate this time around.


While I really only have random mini-series and specials/one-shots left to fill in my Superman 1986-2010 collection, I still have a long way on the Batman stuff…but I’m more determined than ever to stick to the bargain-bins as much as possible, though I know Batman: Year One and A Death in the Family will likely cost as much as most of the rest of the collection, unfortunately.

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