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The Weekly Shipping list @ Comixtreme (for November 18, 2009)

The weekly shipping list, as provided by Diamond, has been posted over at Comixtreme.com.

Tops on my list offhand is the Dr. Horrible one-shot from Dark Horse.  I read some short story last year from Dark Horse Myspace Comics or whatever it was called that had the good doctor and his nemesis in it.  But I’m pretty sure this will be the first full-length comic featuring the character(s).

Oh, and there’s this little thing called Blackest Night, that has a couple more chapters out in Adventure Comics #4 and Outsiders #24…along with 2 more of those awesome plastic rings.

And of course, loads of other great (and not so great) comics.  Click on the logo or link above and check ’em out for yourself!

The Weekly Shipping list @ Comixtreme

cxweeklyshippinglistlogo2009Every week, I post the weekly shipping list over at Comixtreme.com. The list is provided by Diamond, and includes items expected to be in comic shops this week. Check with your local retailer to confirm what items are out.

And if you’re checking the list, feel free to make a post in the comments thread with the issues YOU are planning on picking up. That’s one of the fun things about posting this list: seeing what it is that others are interested in on a given week. And sometimes, learning of something that wouldn’t otherwise have grabbed my attention.

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