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Life, Changes, and the Unknown Future


Things change.  Sometimes the air itself is heavier, the weight of our sorrows collecting until the sky can hold no more and lets them fall as tears of rain…to return tot he world as flowers.  Everything changes, sometimes in seasons…more often in sudden squalls.

~ Sephie [narration] (Barbara Kesel, Meridian # 43)


I try not to put much personal stuff into this blog. But occasionally, "real life" events are so tied to me as a person, to what makes me me, as to affect all aspects of my life.

Mid-day Wednesday, I was informed by my employer that my position was among several that were being eliminated–effective immediately.

To say that it’s shaken my world would be an understatement.

And how it’ll affect this blog remains to be seen. As of this typing, it could mean an indefinite hiatus, effective immediately. It could be that this blog and writing will be part of the coping mechanism as I move forward. I don’t know.

But whatever happens…I thank God that while I absolutely did not see this coming, He obviously did, and necessary elements of my personal life had already just been realigned to best weather this.

Lazy Monday

Tonight’s a lazy evening in a way. A peek behind the blog: I have nothing prepared, don’t feel like “showing off” anything, nor getting all that in-depth on any topics (despite many thoughts throughout the day, comics-related and otherwise).

I went in to work early, stayed late, and then met a friend at the local gym after. So, after a busy weekend…I’m beat.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve likely noticed the Age of Apocalypse posts 2-3 times each week lately. I’ve intended to re-read the entirety of the Age of Apocalypse for several years now, but never got to it. When I seriously thought of “pulling the trigger” on a regular feature as I re-read it for this blog, I thought of all my other “series” that I’ve started and not completed (X-Men Series I cards, anyone?) and wondered at this one.

I’m glad to report that of the over 40 issues (including prelude stuff) I have only 4-5 left to read, and posts are ready through the end of March. If I drop off the face of the earth, there will still be new content up at this blog for another 2 1/2 months…just not the (week)daily I’ve kept the last few months.

While I’ve been enjoying reading and functionally documenting each issue upon reading it, revisiting the Age of Apocalypse leaves me eager to get caught up on some other reading, and perhaps more efficiently. Which means more time reading, a lot less time writing.

Time will tell how or if that particularly affects this blog.

For now…back to non-blogginess for the night.

Tonight’s review-writing was canceled.

pan02This morning I got to work, and with the heat and bright/sunshiny weather, figured I’d leave my car windows down, keep the car vented. Turned to my weather app on my phone, and it showed thunderstorms, so I opted to close the windows. Went out at lunch for the weekly comic shop run, and got back–same thing. Weather looked summer-y, but the weather app said T-storms.

Got out of work, looked gray, but nothing significant. ‘Course, thunder rolled as I got in my car to leave.

Got home, and put my bag on the car’s trunk, and got a decent-ish panoramic shot of the dark clouds around the building. Decided to fire up my Super-8 app (yeah…go, figure) and wound up catching the tornado siren as it started going off, before I’d even made it to the building.


Came in turned the tv on, and they had coverage going for this area, mentioning my city and those immediately surrounding; Tornado warning and all that. Stepped out on the porch and took another pano shot, as the sirens had gone silent. When they started up again, roommate and I headed to the building’s basement.

Wound up spending about 15-20 minutes in the building’s “gym” since there was a tv in there; a small crowd of us (shame on me not thinking to count bodies present). But we had folks around–some folks in the building’s library, some in the laundry room, others scattered up and down the hall (all these being in the basement). Even noticed some folks in the garage.

Of course, this being the country and society it is, the tornado warning was set to expire at 8, and the local news “gracefully” pointed out that the warning was about to expire, and bowed out so as to not prevent people from watching the start of American Idol.

Roommate and I were heading to the stairs to come back up but wound up stopping to be part of the congregation in the hall by the side entrance of the building–had some conflicting “news” about stuff from people coming in, so stuck around to hear stuff. Someone said some tower nearby fell, another mentioned a tree down on a main road nearby, etc. Adding some levity to the situation, my roommate and I both realized that the weather.com info then-presently available for our mobile devices showed 69-75 degrees sunny and “partly cloudy” (as we listened to the latest round of the emergency siren sounding all around, the rain drilling to the ground from the dark clouds, and a lengthy strip of lightning burning in the distance).


By then, someone updated everyone with info the local weather station had–tornado warning done, just “regular” thunderstorms rollin’ in.

Following a return to this apartment, some huge flashes of lightning (if we were on the ground floor, one instance would’ve had me SWEARING someone had stood at my bedroom window and taken a flash photo–several broad flashes before a really bright “pop” flash)…plenty of thunder.

But now it’s pretty quiet out…haven’t noticed lightning in awhile, nor thunder.

But after the unexpected “excitement” and sociality and all that…the review-writing I’d planned on doing tonight is not happening. But I took those photos and I felt like WRITING, hence this blog post.

BUT: snap thoughts regarding this week’s new comics…

  • Action #901: crap….I’m buying a Superman comic again!
  • Walking Dead #85: Did I miss an issue??? Not sure about that flip-book, but hey…maybe I’ll take a look at it for shiggles.
  • For a mere $8 (2 new single-Marvel issues) picked up good condition copies of Essential Killraven vol. 1, Spider-Woman vol. 1, Punisher vol. 2, and Amazing Spider-Man vol. 8. (that’s $8 TOTAL, if you were wondering. $2/each).
  • And a free copy of Ultimate Iron Man II, hardcover, cuz my shop is just THAT awesome.


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