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Collection Maintenance II: Another Haul, Another Step

20120906elderdragonsI had two particularly great “finds” tonight going back through my collection. First, I actually managed to find the two-issue Elder Dragons mini-series that in large part prompted this week’s digging. I knew the covers looked familiar, seeing images online, as something I had physically handled at some point.

And sure enough, in the middle of one of the longboxes, I found ’em.

I also found a set (minus #12) of Solar: Man of the Atom #s 1-25 that I’d bought a couple years ago for about $6. Track down a handful of issues, and that pretty much gives me 20+ issues of X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong, and Solar. Plus a few other issues here ‘n there.

I also found some more Ultraverse issues, which between last night and tonight fills in 3-4 issues of what I’ve been missing.

Time-wise, I’m left with a couple other longboxes to dig out that I somehow managed to REALLY bury and neglect as I moved these others–so they’ll be a weekend or next-week project.

Next up will be sorting through what amounts to 4 1/2 longboxes of X-books to officially determine what my X-collection looks like, and purge duplicates.


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