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Avengers, The Dark Knight Returns, and product placement


I liked the Avengers movie. I saw it three times opening weekend. Friday by myself, Saturday with friends after our Free Comic Book Day comic-shop-crawl, and Sunday with a friend for our annual catch-up/hangout.

I could have seen it again that Monday with other friends at a local theater’s $5-Monday-Night-Movie-Deal and again that Tuesday at a screening hosted by my LCS, but the latter two didn’t happen.

avengersmovieandgraphicnovelAnd now the film’s out, and as usual with various store exclusives. I understand Best Buy has some sort of “steel case” variant if you pre-ordered the film. Target has an extra bonus disc with even more bonus features not included with the non-Target editions of the film. And Walmart’s got a gift pack that comes with Avengers Season One, a 100+ page Original Graphic Novel.

I am rather pleased with the graphic novel that came with the film. I was expecting a digest-sized paperback of questionable physical quality. What I got was a full-size TPB edition on standard, good quality paper…a volume that by pagecount would probably retail for at least $12.99 if not $14.99 to $17.99 with Marvel’s pricing these days.

Now, for some reason–intentional or not–Warner Bros. also released their newest direct-to-home-media animated feature Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 on the same day.

darknightreturnsbrdcoverSince I was already there for the Avengers, I got Batman at Walmart as well; Best Buy’s been–for me–inconsistent with whatever figurine or such they package with these anymore, so wasn’t worth the hassle of even trying to mess around with multi-stores-in-a-day.

While I may comment more at-length on DKR, suffice to say that I was quite distracted (in a good way, I think) at some conspicuous “product placement” in the film (below).

During a scene with Commissioner Gordon stopping off at a convenience store, we see the shop owner taking a couple cases outside, passing a magazine rack of comics. I thought I spotted the Swamp Thing logo, and backed it up–where I realized there was more to see than just a Swamp Thing comic:


Above we see the covers of Swamp Thing 73, Sandman 1, Crisis on Infinite Earths 1, and Watchmen 1. Below we see the Swamp Thing cover mirrored (though the logo still works?) and the Sandman issue again, as well as V for Vendetta–which seems to be the cover from a paperback collected edition, but I’m not sure that was one of the original covers for a single issue.


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