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The ’90s Revisited – X-Men: Fatal Attractions

My six-part look back at the Fatal Attractions even/crossover that celebrated 30 years of the X-Men. Links below.

X-Factor #92  |  X-Force #25  |  Uncanny X-Men #304

X-Men #25  |  Wolverine #75  |  Excalibur #71

10 Responses

  1. […] the Marvel side, while I kinda loosely followed some of the X-Stuff (particularly Fatal Attractions, the X-Men 30th Anniversary crossover/event) I didn’t actually start trying to follow ALL of the X-books until Legion Quest and the Age […]

  2. […] But it was barely a year after I was introduced t othe character that he lost his adamantium in the Fatal Attractions crossover…it would be about six years and another 70-odd issues of “bone-claw […]

  3. […] since a lot of my fondness of the ’90s is centered largely around titles that existed during Fatal Attractions and around Age of Apocalypse…this certainly […]

  4. […] as well as the same from the X-Men books from the early/mid-’90s (particularly stuff like Fatal Attractions or the Age of Apocalypse and immediate aftermaths) but this just does not feel like it has much […]

  5. […] from the then-current iteration of X-Factor, around the 30th anniversary of the X-Men and the whole Fatal Attractions crossover; though he became more of a standout to me due to the cliffhanger leading into the […]

  6. […] I covered this issue back in 2012, when I covered the entire Fatal Attractions event. […]

  7. […] recycled the above image from my ’90s Revisited series covering the event; I’d scanned the covers and taken photos of the holograms that I then pasted over the actual […]

  8. […] then missed several issues, picking back up with #304 (Fatal Attractions) and found a newsstand copy of #303 (at least as I recall […]

  9. […] myself consciously recall the 30th anniversary of X-Men in their Fatal Attractions […]

  10. […] personally…though I wasn’t too far behind getting in thanks to the then-new XTAS, and Fatal Attractions event/crossover. There’s still the nostalgia for me for those ranges of issues as such. Two […]

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