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Raiding the Used Bookstore ‘Bargain Bins’

Along with hitting the bargain bins at local comic shops, I’m fortunate enough to have three used bookstores that have a varied selection of comics…two are a flat 50-cents-per-issue and one maintains 50%-off cover price of the comic (making a bunch of 25-cents or barely-50-cents issues $1.25+ comics in some cases).

But last weekend I hit up one Half-Price Books location, and this week hit up the other nearby, specifically seeking out Valiant issues.

While 1990s Valiant currently has my highest attention…I’m not gonna pass up the random/odd Ultraverse issue, either.

Freex #1 still in the original bag (though the bag’s all beat-up) with the original “wild card” coupon and a good-condition copy of Prototype #0:


After hearing a recommendation of the series on a fairly recent-ish episode of the Legion of Dudes podcast, I’ve started noticing random issues of Mage. Found the first 3 issues, so for only $1.50 for 3 issues…seems well worth it to try the series.


A couple issues of Rai, and my first-ever issue of Geomancer. Also finally cleared up my confusion on Rai–that Rai became Rai and the Future Force and seems to then become The New Rai.


Best pull of the bunch was a whopping 3 issues of Eternal Warrior that I was missing. Still missing a bunch of others, but it’s quite gratifying to have an actual list of what I’m missing so I’m not unintentionally pulling dupes…


…and a couple issues of H.A.R.D. Corps and a lone issue of Magnus round out the $7 purchase.


Not a bad haul for being a fairly random stop-in at a non-comic store.

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