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The Weekly Haul – Week of July 12, 2017

This was a pretty good week’s haul…fairly straight-forward, a couple special orders and a book from last week, and some surprise quarter-bin finds!


The usual Superman issue for the week in Action Comics. The appropriately-shiny cover for Dark Days: The Casting. A #0 issue for Mage: The Hero Denied (which has me really interested in acquiring the earlier Mage stuff!) Special-ordered Calexit #1 cuz hey…I’ve got my views. Beginning to (against initial plans and judgment) accept The Sovereigns…might be the third iteration in about as many years from Dynamite of the Gold Key characters…but at least they haven’t screwed me on the "complete story-run" if I just buy one of each issue (yet)! (Unlike Valiant).

And the second-to-last issue of Letter 44…which means I’m one issue shy of having a complete run of something like this…and at 35 issues…I think that’s some kinda record for me!


I’m giving these Atari comics from Dynamite a shot…a bit for the nostalgia, a bit for the weirdness, a bit cuz hey…at least they’re new to me and not pulling the crap that Marvel does!

…and yet, I’m still getting the $1 True Believers issues. I like most of these reprints, even if some of the $1 reprints are of 25-cent books. Or of stuff I previously wouldn’t touch, period (Brand New Day).


Then there’s the weekly Comic Shop News, which I don’t usually showcase in these posts, but why not? It’s part of the weekly haul! Special-ordered Riverdale Comics Digest, which I believe reprints four or five of the #2 issues of "New Archie". I saw in the indicia that this is published four times/year…so quarterly. I really hope this lasts quite awhile…cuz I’m very willing to pay $6 for 4-5 issues’ content (and only one freaking cover!!!) rather than $3.99 per issue with umpteen ridiculously-plentiful variants!

And though I have yet to acquire any of the starter-packs…another Star Wars Destiny booster pack, because hey…I can justify one pack at a time here and there, while I’m not gonna load up on a bunch of them all at once! And once I do get starter packs, I’ve got a few extra dice and cards to customize the game.


And finally…found on top of the quarter-bins (and asked someone who was already going through the bins if he’d pulled them–he said no, they were not his), some more digests. I’m not terribly concerned about the condition at this point…just figuring as I come across these sorts (especially cheaply) I’ll grab ’em…maybe eventually I’ll make a concerted effort to hunt them all down. For now…I’ll just add to the collection!

And thus, another week of comics. A mix of publishers and genres…ongoing and one-shot and such; even a mix of formats.

Not a huge week, but not a tiny week; far less sticker shock than recently!

The $3.99 problem revisited

At $3.99 an issue, $8 buys me 2 new comics. Or, this week, with extra pages in Avengers vs. X-Men #12, that was 1 @ $4.99 and Higher Earth was 1 @ $3.99–$8.98 spent for just two comics.

But for another $8, I got quite a haul of cool “old” comics.

The gems of the bunch were these three #1s from 1997: Heroes for Hire, Thunderbolts, and Ka-Zar. HFH and Ka-Zar didn’t last all that long–but Thunderbolts has lasted pretty much to present-day, though that history is soon being negated for Marvel Now. Still…it’s highly gratifying to (though it’s 15 years after the fact) finally own the first issue, and moreso for only 25-cents!


Also snagged a few other early issues of Thunderbolts. I jumped on the title around #19 back in the day and followed it up til a few issues into New Thunderbolts before it eventually reverted to “original numbering.” I’m now about 10 issues shy of the first 18 issues, which I look forward to reading as one big chunk someday.


Recently picked up several of the X-Books’ Flashback issues. Seeing these in the quarter-bin, figured they’ll be fun reads. The Hulk issue looks really familiar–I might actually have snagged that years ago, or somehow already read it; but for $.25 I’ll take the chance.


Six more issues of Mage: The Hero Defined–this puts me at 9 out of the 15 issues…though I’ve discovered that apparently this was to be the middle section of a trilogy, and there’s another 15 issues of The Hero Discovered and (someday) The Hero Denied. Not exactly the level of the Marvel Numbering Shenanigans, but sorta frustrating to learn an entire series is actually not the beginning of the story.


The Man of Steel issue was great fun; couldn’t see just passing that up. Not sure of the Galactus issue is a one-shot or the first issue of a mini-series…but it’s another issue that hey–for a quarter, I’ll check it out. And the Astro City issue is a reprint of the Wizard-produced #1/2. This has the original “The Nearness of You” story that is probably my favorite single Astro City story, and is reprinted in one of the AC TPBs. Finding a single issue and getting to re-read it for only a quarter? Great stuff.


Finally, since the entire 8-issue series was there, figured I’d check this out. I’ve heard of Elektra: Assassin, and this predates a lot of the 90s/2000s stuff that was done with the character, so could be interesting. At the least, $2 beats the heck out of any collected edition–TPB or HC.


The Elektra series, the Thunderbolts issues, the Mage issues, and the others–32 issues in all–only cost me $8. For the cost, that’s a bonus 30 issues on the cost of two.

Raiding the Used Bookstore ‘Bargain Bins’

Along with hitting the bargain bins at local comic shops, I’m fortunate enough to have three used bookstores that have a varied selection of comics…two are a flat 50-cents-per-issue and one maintains 50%-off cover price of the comic (making a bunch of 25-cents or barely-50-cents issues $1.25+ comics in some cases).

But last weekend I hit up one Half-Price Books location, and this week hit up the other nearby, specifically seeking out Valiant issues.

While 1990s Valiant currently has my highest attention…I’m not gonna pass up the random/odd Ultraverse issue, either.

Freex #1 still in the original bag (though the bag’s all beat-up) with the original “wild card” coupon and a good-condition copy of Prototype #0:


After hearing a recommendation of the series on a fairly recent-ish episode of the Legion of Dudes podcast, I’ve started noticing random issues of Mage. Found the first 3 issues, so for only $1.50 for 3 issues…seems well worth it to try the series.


A couple issues of Rai, and my first-ever issue of Geomancer. Also finally cleared up my confusion on Rai–that Rai became Rai and the Future Force and seems to then become The New Rai.


Best pull of the bunch was a whopping 3 issues of Eternal Warrior that I was missing. Still missing a bunch of others, but it’s quite gratifying to have an actual list of what I’m missing so I’m not unintentionally pulling dupes…


…and a couple issues of H.A.R.D. Corps and a lone issue of Magnus round out the $7 purchase.


Not a bad haul for being a fairly random stop-in at a non-comic store.

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