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Favorite Superman Covers: Superman Forever #1

I’m not much of an art person when it comes to comics–I tend to prefer story over art…but that’s not to say that art doesn’t play a huge factor! And through the years, there have been a number of Superman comics whose covers have particularly stood out to me, for one reason or another. In this series, I’m presenting 10 of my favorites and why they are favorites.

I’m pretty sure Alex Ross was the first artist whose work I could specifically recognize, by name. His style is very distinctive, and often has stood out to me–from Marvels to Kingdom Come to his various covers for a number of companies.

Superman Forever was–I believe–a “fifth week” special that bridged the Electric-suit Superman-Red/Superman-Blue stuff and put him back into the “classic” costume. I don’t recall if there was any real explanation given for his transformation back to “normal” after a year of existing as an energy-being; but this cover alone made up for whatever was or wasn’t missing in story details.


I’d originally acquired the “collector’s edition” cover that had this image and a number of others–by rotating the cover in the proper light you’d see Clark, the shirt-rip, and Superman take flight heading off-panel.

But in recent years, novel as some of those covers were, I’ve found myself largely preferring the images from the “newsstand editions” of the comics.

While sort of generic in a way–Clark ripping the shirt open to reveal the “S” underneath is itself an iconic pose–this particular rendition, by Ross…with the dark background, the red-and-yellow Superman logo, and simply being a comic cover, makes this stand out to me.

2 Responses

  1. I have the Lenticular cover version of this comic i bought it years ago. Overtime, the cover acquired some dust or powdery residue for whatever reason. Is it because of its gimmick cover? Then I clean it up by wiping off the powder with a cloth, only to find out later, that lenticular motion or the gimmick cover already gone. What I mean is the motion of Supes’ ripping the shirt then fly off in the cover became static. The cover images (7 drawings all of it) become single static images.

    What gives?

  2. I’m honestly not sure–I haven’t paid close attention to the cover lately…it’s been years since I’ve handled the issue itself (offhand, I’ve not found the lenticular edition in quarter/bargain bins).

    I’ve noticed on some of the older “hologram” covers the holographic image has degraded; I’ve chalked it up to storage + time; whether something with a bag did something, or if it’s sat out in the light, or if it’s been left loose without bag and board in a box, and if it’s been tightly-packed somewhere with other comics or out in the open.

    That might be part of my coming to prefer the non-gimmick editions…they’ve held up better over time and nothing to degrade except the entirety of the issue itself.

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