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Another Look: Cyborg Superman (Action Comics #23.2)

foreverevilcyborgsuperman001One of the things I love about comics is the community around them–the comic shop, the conventions, the podcasts and discussion forums and blogs (and why I keep this blog myself).

As I haven’t the patience or real inclination to give the “full review treatment” to the Villains Month issues from DC, I’m touching on each issue I get, briefly, which–for a glimpse at my behind the scenes thought–can mean a bit of laziness on my part, as I’m just putting my initial, casual thoughts out there without really analyzing an issue the way I would for a full review.

A couple days ago, I listened to Sean Whalen‘s thoughts on the Cyborg Superman issue on Raging Bullets, and he gave things a whole different “spin” on it for me. Jim (Sean’s cohost) also had a bit to say on the subject contextually–both speaking of the events of Supergirl #23 and speculating where things will go with Supergirl #24 and beyond.

I also read Michael Bailey‘s review of the issue (which is far more in-depth and insightful than my own!).

And much to my chagrin, I’m now actually interested in checking out Supergirl. I passed on the first issue back in 2011–had zero interest in yet another new version of the character even then–but now, given the Cyborg is one of my favorite Superman villains, coming out of one of my favorite, most defining Superman stories ever….well, I might actually be “hooked.”

Of course, I’m most likely to wait a bit and buy the digital issue(s)…barring a spur of the moment impulse buy, I still don’t have any real interest in following Supergirl long-term…but with the $1 “discount” by reading a month or two “behind” the current issue…I’d get to read the story, get a bit of context myself, and go from there.

I really don’t like that some of my favorite characters have been so drastically overhauled–Superboy, Steel, Cyborg Superman (no sign of the Eradicator that I know of, as yet)–but returning to Whalen‘s analysis…his excitement’s a bit infectious, and he indicated similar trepidation at the complete, drastic change (that the Cyborg’s not even the same underlying character as pre-New 52). But if he can look past that…perhaps I should, too. And perhaps all the moreso, with Bailey‘s history with Superman being very similar to my own…same deal. If he can read the same issue, same story, and–with a history much like my own with the character–enjoy it?

I’ve gotta give things more of a chance. I’m not saying that this reverses my initial thoughts or that I’m gonna suddenly go gung-ho on DC stuff again, but I’d like to think this shows that I’m open-minded, given the proper influencers. Sure, I’ll have my take on something…but I’m WILLING to be argued with, provided the arguer has sound reason to their argument. (And that they’re not just throwing some snide remark at me or putting me down for my thoughts/take/context). (Such as someone suggesting that there is homework to be done before reading any given comic, that one has to have read up on multiple sites’ interviews and wikipedia analysis, etc. in order to have an opinion about a spur of the moment purchase).

Goes to show…context is important…but I’m consciously and mostly intentionally context-less on most of the villains issues, using these as a random month of indulgence into new takes on old favorites.

Of course, budget permitting…more and more I begin to wonder if I’d actually be interested in pursuing what seems to be an annual “omnibus” of all 52 September issues…I believe DC has done one for the #1 issues two years ago and for the #0 issues last year. It looks like I’ll be buying about 18-20 of the issues this month, leaving 32 “on the table,” that at cover price would still be about $96 for the 2-D editions and $128 for the 3-D). Assuming the hardback’s $125 and I get it for a significant discount (say, 45% off) I’d still come out well ahead price-wise, even WITH all the issues I’m buying this month.

Time, of course, will tell!

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