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Marvel Universe Series IV Revisited, Part 0


It’s kind of hard to believe it’s been 20 years, but 20 years it’s been! Back in 1993, Skybox released their FOURTH annual trading card set based on Marvel Comics properties–Marvel Universe Series IV.

Of course, having been out of comics for a couple years, not really getting back in til mid/late 1992 with the then-pending Death of Superman, I was a stranger to trading cards, outside of baseball cards.

A friend and I spent much of the summer of 1993 collecting these, trading back and forth to see both of us get as close as possible to a complete set. I still have my original binder and cards from that summer, that original nearly-complete set (missing just a handful of cards).

I was able to buy a complete set awhile back off a bargain table at my local comic shop, finally having a definite full set. And partially through that, partially recognizing the 20th anniversary, I’ve decided to present a look through the entire set, with my present-day thoughts on these artifacts of the past.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting my thoughts on the entire set, based around the 9-card clusters that most of the set was grouped into–with 9 cards fitting together in a 3×3 grid to form a larger image (tailored to the 9-pocket binder pages many such cards get stored in).


Even the original box the cards’ packs came in references the 9-card groupings.

20 years later, I still have an (empty) original box that I think I got from my then-local comic shop. I also have several of the original wrappers, from making a “cover” for the binder I kept my set in:





So, over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting my thoughts on the cards, as well as low-res images of the cards themselves. Just in scanning all of these, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the cards that wasn’t there 20 years ago, and noticed things in the art that I never really noticed in all the years since!


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