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21 Years Since the Death of Superman

superman075It was 21 years ago today (November 19, 1992) that Superman #75 was officially released.

Unrelatedly, I’d gotten sick at school, so didn’t get to go to the comic shop myself. HOWEVER, Dad went to the comic shop for me and picked it up (along with the previous few weeks’ issues). We both read the entire “Death of Superman” story that evening in the living room–I’d finish an issue and pass it to dad and he’d read. Started a couple-month thing, those weekly visits to the comic shop; getting the newest Superman comic; I’d read it, and he’d later read it.

Offhand, that day and the few weeks after while the Funeral for a Friend issues were coming out are the only time in my life I remember having that exact sort of shared experience, and it’s amazing what something like that can mean, looking back.

He’s always humoured me, with comics; and been quite the “enabler” through the years. But getting to share the actual reading experience of specific comics “in the now” like that stands out as a great childhood memory; and is something that–should I ever have any kids of my own–I would hope that I get to share with them.

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