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The Maxx and Expiring Digital Codes

Time certainly flies…especially when LOOKING BACK over the time that has PASSED. With this week’s new comics, I picked up The Maxx Maximized #1. It’s a recolored reprint of the original series. The cover reminded me a lot of the original–I originally thought it was simply a recolored version of the original, but it’s not quite–and I wound up picking it up simply for the nostalgia, and I’m gradually becoming a “sucker” for seeing what something from when I was a kid looks like with modern technology and techniques.

The original is dated March, 1993…so these are technically 20 years apart, nearly 21.


…and then I found a copy of the ORIGINAL in a quarter-bin, so I actually get to (conveniently) do a side-by-side comparison of the thing. And the new one looks good. I do like its coloring better, and it LOOKS more modern.

While on the subject of time passing, though…you know those “free” digital codes that Marvel does with their $3.99-and-up books?

Yeah, I was still getting the AvX stuff in single-issues at the time they started. Unfortunately, I’d never gotten around to peeling the stickers off and keying the codes into the redemption site.

So last night I sat down with a stack of last year’s AvX books and keyed a bunch in.

But alas…of all of these, only TWO worked. The others all gave me an error saying the code had EXPIRED.


Now, I GET that they don’t want to have “rogue codes” out there for years and years…but REALLY? It’s a freaking DIGITAL FILE. There’s no “original,” there’s no “shipping,” the thing’s out there ANYway for people to BUY to this day…so where’s the harm in allowing the code to work so long as the file is AVAILABLE? I mean, yeah…in 4, 5 years, THAT might be excessive. In 4-5 years, maybe Marvel will have yanked their stuff from Comixology, and thus the current system/databases may not work and all.

But this just makes me feel like I got “shorted” on my purchases, EVEN THOUGH I “knew” they expired “in a year.” I guess I’d better get to digging through stuff from the past year or so and see what I can still actually GET, just for the sake of redeeming ’em.

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