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Seasons Spinnin’ ‘Round Again–The Years Keep Rolling On

seasonschangeii001Sometimes it seems odd to me that people ever have any trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy. I’ve made such a distinction, internalized it so, that even in my dreams I cannot fly–if ever I have some fantastic dream where I’m in the role of something or someone that can fly, it’s a clinical knowledge, but when it comes time TO fly, I’m at a loss.

But that’s really neither here nor there at the moment.

I’ve neglected this blog lately. Oh, I’ve tossed up a couple reviews and several other posts the last few weeks, attempting to get back into the swing of things. But real life’s been in the way. So much going on even as–at times–it seems like NOTHING is going on.

For years now, I’ve periodically taken photos and made comic cover style images of them, creating a very loose chronicle of the years, going back to when I first wen off to college. If my life were a comic, it would be The Life of Walt.

In the spirit of the ’90s rebooting and such, and actually being worthy of it for the huge status quo change of Walt going off to college, it would have relaunched with a new #1: The Life of Walt: BGSU Student. And that would have followed the college years. And then, though graduation would be a huge shift, it would keep its numbering, but with a slight change to the subtitle, a label thingie modifying it to read The Life of Walt: BGSU Alumni but otherwise maintain that numbering for another 15 months after graduation. And then when I went off to Kent State for grad school, that would have qualified for another reboot. The Life of Walt: Kent State Student. But after a couple reboots, upon graduation, rather than yet another renumbering, it would revert simply to The Life of Walt, as it had been before college–but maintain the numbering from the Kent State years.

Which is really probably all just a bunch of gibberish to you reading this, though there’s a logic to it in my own head.


And in keeping with the comics analogy, going a bit deeper…there’s that gradual shift that characters may be put through. Maybe it’s a few small jolts, that mark a subtle change each time without being anything huge. And then something happens that causes the character to reach out to a number of past companions and allies, seeking answers based on whatever this instigating event is.

And maybe it’s just some clichéd “plot point,” or maybe it becomes something rather defining for the character. Maybe the character is changed, something about them tweaked a bit, adding some sort of strange complexity or nuance, or just making them more annoying to the readers for some sort of stupidity, following along some sort of chain of events they should know better than to chase.

Seasons change–seasons of life. One might compare life to a SINGLE cycle of seasons–spring and summer representing childhood and young-adult stuff, with autumn suggesting midlife and heading toward old age, with winter representing the latter years of one’s life.

But I look at seasons not quite so literally in this sense, not as a mirror of the typical “four seasons” but as periods of life–perhaps denoted by certain overall atmospheres, conditions, environments.

“Things change.  Sometimes the air itself is heavier, the weight of our sorrows collecting until the sky can hold no more and lets them fall as tears of rain…to return tot he world as flowers.  Everything changes, sometimes in seasons…more often in sudden squalls.”

~ Sephie [narration] (Barbara Kesel, Meridian # 43)

And earlier in the Meridian series:

“You can tell when some things are about to happen–you can feel it.  Others slip by.  You just don’t realize things are about to change.  Forever.”

~ Sephie (Barbara Kesel, Meridian: Flying Solo)

Fitting, in its own way. Even if no one else sees the sense in this post…for me, it’s fitting.

Yet, like a (perhaps) well-crafted solicitation…it maintains a careful vagueness. The details are in the experiences themselves, the pages. Or there’s always the great philosopher River Song:


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