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Surprise! “New” Alien(s) Novels

alien_out_of_the_shadowsRecently while in a Barnes & Noble, I found myself browsing the sci-fi section for the first time in ages. I think I was looking to see what selection they had of Jim Butcher books—specifically The Dresden Files.

I happened across new printings of old favorite Aliens novels.

And reference to NEW Aliens novels, just from 2014, that I hadn’t had a clue were being published.

The Aliens series is one of my all-time favorites: as prose novels go, I have more Aliens books than any other series outside of perhaps Dragonlance and Magic: The Gathering.

So the fact there are more new books is quite cool—and these will almost certainly prove to be a bit of a personal “reading project” for 2015. Meanwhile, I’ve ordered the first book (Out of the Shadows) to get a start with in December here, and see where things go. This on the heels of re-buying (yet again) a “convenience” copy of the Aliens Quadrilogy on dvd just to be able to watch while traveling.

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