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The Weekly Haul – Week of December 17th, 2014

Last week, I was in Missouri and never made it to a comic shop. By the time I was getting home, traffic was such that I couldn’t make it before closing time. And knowing the shop’s closed a couple days, I held out for Wednesday this week.

This meant an extra helping of Valiant and Gold Key:


And two TMNT books along with Astro City (which I have GOT to get caught up on one of these days…)


There were also a bunch of $1 books, which due to the price I keep on my pull list as a general thing–all promo-priced/$1 books.


I also hit the bargain bins for nearly 50 comics, knocking some more off a couple lists, and snagging some random stuff. These six are probably the “key” issues I got, including THE gem of the day, new and old.


I’ve been holding off on the Exiles vs. X-Men issue for years, not wanting to pay the $10 or so when it was originally published, and then more recently just not finding it for a decent price. Snagging it in this bunch–and in quite good condition–is a real treat, and lands it in my stack of stuff to read ASAP. The Ultraforce/Avengers issue is in crummy condition such that I put it into a bag/board just to keep the cover in place. Despite the Half-Price Books clearance sticker on it, I still went ahead and bought it, attracted by the shiny foil logo and not remembering for sure if that’s the standard or other edition and wanting to err on the side of NOT regretting coming across it.

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