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Age of Apocalypse Revisited: Weapon X #1


weaponx001Unforgiven Trespasses

Script: Larry Hama
Breakdowns: Adam Kubert
Finishes: Karl Kesel, Dan Green, Chris Warner
Lettering: Pat Brosseau
Coloring: Mike Thomas
Cover: Adam Kubert
Editor: Bob Harras
Published by: Marvel Comics
Cover Date: March 1995
Cover Price: $1.95

After seeing Logan and Jean arrive at the Human High Council in X-Men Alpha, we now find them on a mission while the council decides what to do with the information they’ve been provided. Their mission: to cause trouble for Apocalypse by taking out a structure and allowing a wave of Sentinels in to evacuate what humans can be. Their ride (a sentinel) takes damage, but remains operational; while Logan and Jean fight their way in and ultimately out, even through Havok’s arrival. Once back with the council, the duo learn some shocking news about the humans’ intent moving forward in the face of Apocalypse’s deceit with the Kelly Pact.

This was a good issue, overall. Plenty of action, even if I didn’t comPLETEly follow everything. While I’m sure there are some subtleties I missed in my reading, I take it mostly at surface value. I struggle to see how this Weapon X can be the "villain" I recall from a couple years ago in a more contemporary issue. This seems quite a bit like the Wolverine of the time, but with adamantium (since Magneto never went down his dark path that led to Fatal Attractions and all that entailed). There’s a hint to Logan and Jean’s past, though it’s quick and not something dwelled on by the story. It’ll be interesting to get to the next several issues, and being reminded of the "cool" factor of this title and the character(s).

The visuals were good on the whole…no real complaint. I’m actually a fan of the "big hair" Wolverine rather than the tamed-down Hugh Jackman version of the last decade-plus in contemporary comics. Plenty to "appreciate" here and even as the issue may not be a favorite I still enjoyed it. The only let-down may have come from higher expectations for this than several other recently-read issues.

I do think the cover is one of my favorites–certainly one of the more memorable–of the AoA #1 issues, probably the entire saga. It shows all we really need, with Weapon X front and center and Jean right nearby…two mutants not to be messed with.

The Weekly Hauls: Weeks of 1/7 & 1/14

Been a couple weeks since I’ve posted one of these.

LAST week, had two huge issues in the Valiant Greatest Hits #2 and the Legends of the Dark Knight Super-Spectacular #5. Of course, as is standard nowadays, the three DC weeklies…and picked up Wolverines #1 to check it out…but it’s a $3.99 weekly, which I’m just not willing to pay. And the third issue of the new Eternal Warrior mini.


THIS week, I decided to try the new Mortal Kombat X premiere, snagged the final issue of the AVP: Fire and Stone mini…and Marvel‘s new Star Wars #1 (I posted a review the other day).


There’s also the three DC weeklies, the latest Astro City…and 3 Valiants in one week.


It’s been a really heavy couple weeks…and it’s rather disconcerting–yet again–to realize how far behind I am on reading the weeklies…despite keeping up with the purchasing (so I don’t have to catch up later and hassle with the hunt).

I am looking forward to their being done, and getting that $9/week back in-pocket for other stuff…of course, I might just be trading those for a couple of HUGE September-like months with DC‘s big event this spring.

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