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Lazy Monday

Tonight’s a lazy evening in a way. A peek behind the blog: I have nothing prepared, don’t feel like “showing off” anything, nor getting all that in-depth on any topics (despite many thoughts throughout the day, comics-related and otherwise).

I went in to work early, stayed late, and then met a friend at the local gym after. So, after a busy weekend…I’m beat.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve likely noticed the Age of Apocalypse posts 2-3 times each week lately. I’ve intended to re-read the entirety of the Age of Apocalypse for several years now, but never got to it. When I seriously thought of “pulling the trigger” on a regular feature as I re-read it for this blog, I thought of all my other “series” that I’ve started and not completed (X-Men Series I cards, anyone?) and wondered at this one.

I’m glad to report that of the over 40 issues (including prelude stuff) I have only 4-5 left to read, and posts are ready through the end of March. If I drop off the face of the earth, there will still be new content up at this blog for another 2 1/2 months…just not the (week)daily I’ve kept the last few months.

While I’ve been enjoying reading and functionally documenting each issue upon reading it, revisiting the Age of Apocalypse leaves me eager to get caught up on some other reading, and perhaps more efficiently. Which means more time reading, a lot less time writing.

Time will tell how or if that particularly affects this blog.

For now…back to non-blogginess for the night.

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